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Issue of laissez faire during the Progressive era History Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Avoid long quotes. This essay is not that long.
Cite your sources using any standard method- An example is: “The discussion of Bacon’s rebellion is a good example of the wealthy manipulating the political economy of the colonies against poorer and non-white colonists (Zinn: 39).”
The midterm is essentially an open-book research assignment .
Select two from questions below.
Your answer must be completely developed, and have factual support represented by specific examples from the texts, and be in the STANDARD ESSAY FORM
Use of the text counts. Spelling, grammar, and clarity count.
Cite your sources. This means show me where in your books you draw your examples and facts.

Who won the Civil War? Consider the years from 1865 to 1900. If the Civil War was intended to resolve issues connected to emancipation and the preeminence of the federal government, to what extent was it successful? Have students look at the Compromise of 1877, sharecropping, racial segregation, African American disfranchisement, and the lack of northern resistance to these trends. What did these trends in the South say about the supposed victory over slavery and states’ rights? Discuss the issue of racial segregation in the United States at the turn of the twentieth century. Was racial segregation unique to the American South? Had it been a characteristic of antebellum southern culture? Why did southerners embrace segregation after the Civil War? What institution of racial order did it replace? How did segregation guarantee the preservation of white supremacy?
Discuss the issue of laissez faire during the Progressive era. Describe how Progressives continued to change traditional American ideas about the role of government. Cite specific laws passed during the Progressive era giving more power to the federal government. Discuss the issue of police power and the laws that expanded that area of authority for the federal government. Examine the office of the presidency during the Progressive era. How did it change under Roosevelt and Wilson? How did the love of order and organization impact the size of the federal government? Why did Americans endorse these changes in the size and power of the federal government?
A theme that can be explored is the sense of inevitability of the conflict between whites and Indians. Go through the value systems of each group- their attitudes toward land, government, individual versus group, etc. Given the enormous cultural difference between the two groups, conflict was likely, even assuming the best of intentions.

Discuss America’s entrance into and role in imperialism and your opinion on their contribution. Be specific and include factual information to support your statements and address arguments made by those who have the opposite opinion.

How industrialization, immigration, and urbanization affected the political, economic, and social settings in the US from the period 1870-1900. How did each trend occur, how it affected the US, and what problems were involved?


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Laissez-Faire During the Progressive Era
The 1900s marked the beginning of the Progressive Era that extended through World War I. This period demonstrated the social and economic reforms that caused aggressive changes in the United States landscape from an agrarian to an urban society. These changes resulted to prompt industrialization that significantly affected the economy. Major social reforms were solicited to properly regulate business practices. Due to this, the government sponsored a free market and promoted a laissez-faire attitude that prohibited the government to meddle with businesses CITATION Hisnd \l 13321 (Historical Society of Pennsylvannia).
Laissez-faire allowed business owners to set standards, free trades, and the wages of their employees. This arrangement conceived corruption. Hence, the “progressives” advocated for changes to enforce regulations that will prevent the abuses from fraudulent businesses to protect the public interests CITATION Khand \l 13321 (Khan Academy). The progressives defied laissez-faire by arguing that the markets

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