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Smarties assignment. Business & Marketing. Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Smarties Assignment
Smarties has been a confectionary candy treat that has been around for 50+ years. You are the Vice President of Marketing for Smarties. You have been asked to come up with a new modified Smarties Product offering to be specifically marketed to “Baby Boomers”. Design a new Smarties modified PRODUCT that you think would appeal to this segment, and fully describe it in terms of what constitutes PRODUCT in your Textbook. Be sure to justify the Product modification in relation to the characteristics of the Baby Boomer segment. Note, Baby Boomers are not Seniors! Your Assignment should be approximately 3 double spaced typed pages in proper sentence and paragraph form. Use 12 point font size.
REMEMBER: Marks will be deducted for incorrect spelling, grammar and sentence structure etc. so make sure you proofread your work or have a friend proofread for you. Don’t forget to use spellcheck and grammar check as well.


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July 20, 2018
Smarties Product Offering
The Smarties has been one of the most popular confectionaries, not only in the United States but also the whole world. Also deemed as “America’s Favorite Candy Roll,” this product has been on the market ever since 1937 ( This makes it truly a favorite for people regardless of their age and background. Today the current formula for the product has been made healthier as the company has reduced the number of calories (25 cals) as compared to the previous formula. Aside from this, the current offerings are also proven to be gluten-free, dairy-free, and peanut-free. This caters for a wider range of consumers such as those who are trying to lose weight or even those with health-related issues. However, while this makes it better for people of all generations, there are still many improvements to make it more enticing for every consumer segment there is. 

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