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A Proposal to Expand Lime into the Indonesian International Market (Term Paper Sample)


Executive Summary (1 page)- This is a one page non-technical summary of the whole project.
Introduction (1-2 page)- This should explain the content of the study and include a clear statement of the project purpose (why the idea is attractive), the motivation for choosing the product/service/brand, and the long-term prospect of your proposal.
Attached is the general description of the entire group project, which I'm only required to do parts of. This order is only for the executive summary and the introduction sections of the project report.
The primary purpose of the project is to create a marketing plan for an American product/service, targeting the international market of Indonesia (Our group chose the Lime scooter sharing service https://www(dot)li(dot)me/en-us/home). The general outline of the report and past assignments around the subject would be attached as well.


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A Proposal to Expand Lime into the Indonesian International Market
Executive Summary
The government of Indonesia is currently transitioning its capital from Jakarta to Borneo. Their main goal of improving the city us to ensures come up with an environmentally friendly city that is free of both traffic and pollution. This goal was developed as results of the lesson learnt from massive congestion and pollution in Jakarta. Lime scooter is a sharing company based in the United States. The company rents out electric scooters to people through their native app. Since the government of Indonesia is targeting to make Borneo a pollution-free city electric scooters can be used to implement this policy. Besides, to reduce traffic congestion, the Indonesian citizens can adopt the use of rented scooters to replace the conventional taxi, Lyft, Uber, public vehicles and personal cars which causes congestion and emit pollutants to the environment. Because of this urgent need to make Borneo a city that is free of congestion and excessive automobile emissions, Indonesia can be a potential international market for Lime electric scooter renting business. The chances of business success are also increased by the fact that the use of smartphones in Indonesia is growing exponentially every year. Potential customers can download the Lime app and rent a scooter from any location of the city. Also, the majority of the younger population of Borneo earns an average of 1,500 - $2,500 and do not have cars which may also increase the number of potential consumers. However, there are some challenges in the Indonesian market. Borneo is located in a tropical region and it rains for the most part of the year. This may be unfavorable for scooter riding. More than 340,000 cases of violence against women are reported every year. This reduces the chances of women riding scooters in solitude. Indonesia is also dominated by Muslims, women wear the hijab which makes it difficult to ride a scooter.

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