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Arnold and Bowie’s “Sweatshops and Respect For Persons” (Term Paper Sample)


(1) Write a short term paper on Arnold and Bowie’s “Sweatshops and Respect For Persons”:
(i) explain their Kantian argument for living wage;
(ii) explain the objection that paying living wages will lead to higher unemployment and in turn harm workers’ interests;
(iii) explain one of Arnold and Bowie’s replies to this objection.
(2) You may make reference to Ian Maitland’s “The Great Non-Debate Over International Sweatshops” in your answer to (ii). If you do, make sure that you explain his argument(s) clearly and sufficiently.
(3) Make sure to apply what we discussed in our writing workshops, e.g. stating the main thesis, writing topic sentences, etc.
(4) Word limit: 600 words (650 words max.)


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Arnold and Bowie’s Sweatshops and Respect for Persons
Question#1: Explain Arnold and Bowie’s Kantian Argument for Living Wage?
Answer: Dennis Arnold and Norman Bowie’s article got popularity in no time. It was published years ago and is still considered valid due to the fact that they have raised the issue of working hours that large enterprises do not pay any attention to. Throughout this article, Dennis and Norman have stressed how difficult it could be to help workers improve their financial condition and give them the best wages as per the market (Audi 100). According to them, Kant’s arguments regarding human dignity are the main base for grounding obligations of businessmen to workers. They believed that respecting the workers means adhering to labor laws, giving sufficient salaries to workers and taking into account the living standards. Kantian ethics argued that all employees should be considered an authentic and important source irrespective of their employment types as it was directly associated with respecting their dignity. It makes no sense to force sweatshop employees to give their best and to expect low wages (Audi 101).

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