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GSAS 2961: Advanced Concept For A Game Based On Three Different Films (Term Paper Sample)


This is the final assignment for Films Every Game Designer Should See, and it's a large one. Please read the following carefully so that you are clear about what is needed.
It is also a small team project -- exactly three people. You can have a team of two people or go solo if you want, but three is the maximum.
The idea is for you to come up with a high-level concept for a game that draws on what you have taken away from this course. Based on the distribution of students in this course, ideally there will be one GSAS major and two non-GSAS majors on each time. There aren't quite enough GSAS students to go around, so some of the teams won't have one.
I'm not looking for a full-bore Concept Document, but a somewhat simpler statement, four to five double-spaced pages describing a carefully thought out game idea.
On the first day of class, I emphasized that we weren't going to try to examine films as a matter of "Film Blah Blah Blah can be turned into Game Blah Blah Blah." That is too simple and obvious. Instead we wanted to look at films with an eye toward expanding our "vision" (in both literal and figurative senses).
So, reflect back on the class, review the slides and your notes, and -- most of all -- refresh your memory about the films you want to draw from for this assignment. You will definitely need to do some additional research for this, and for that I suggest these two useful sites:


There is also no shortage of fan sites, film review and criticism sites and YouTube channels that you can view to get more background. There are also decent channels like CineFix and Every Frame a Painting that has film material that is reasonably well-informed. There are many others.
Now, the details. Looking back on all you've seen, and adding to that your prior knowledge of movies and pop culture, isolate at least three "tropes" or "themes" or "elements" or however you want to think of them, and use them as the basis for your game idea. For example, the possibly totalitarian future hinted at in The Day The Earth Stood Still could be combined with the time travel elements in Time Bandits and those could be combined with the idea of assassins from any number of crime movies (or Assassins Creed) to come up with something like this:
A band of time traveling assassins (but they are good guys) travel through time and space looking for occasions when a society is about to tip into some sort of totalitarian -ism (Fascism, communism, Nazism, etc.). When they arrive, they need to do some investigation and stealthy things (L.A. Confidential) to get close to the would-be dictator and take him out. E.g., they go to the beer hall event (the "putsch") that helped bring Hitler to power and they assassinate him quietly (quietly by poisoning his beer, getting into a knife fight, whatever). Maybe he's protected by a bunch of thugs that have to be taken out first (Kill Bill, Vol. 1).
Your concept will be rather different, of course. Also, the actual statement of your concept should take on the order of a page or two. And definitely get into more detail than I just did above.
The remainder of the paper is where you discuss the many influences (minimum three, from the films in this class and/or your own prior knowledge) that brought you to your grand idea. In other words, explain how and from where you got your ideas and inspiration. Be specific.
Be sure you know how to get in touch with one another so you can work on this outside of class hours. We won't be able to devote any in-class time for this, unfortunately. When you upload the doc or pdf file to LMS, make sure you've included your names on it. Only one person per team needs to do this. This will be due on a date past our last day of class (Thursday, June 27th) to give you more time to do a good job.


GSAS 2961
Name of Student
Author Note
GSAS 2961
It is with no doubt that many films are inspired by video games and the opposite is true. That is to say, game designers have also embraced the art of designing and developing games courtesy of a film or even a combination of various films based on relatable themes or concepts in the selected films. By drawing on a number of concepts from varied films, a game designer can come up with a well-though-out game that would be loved for many years. For instance, a game designer can marry the elements of parallel universe found in one film with the concept of time travel found in another film in order to combine these two with another them such as fate in order to come up with a high-level concept for a cutting-edge game. Therefore, this paper seeks to develop an advanced concept for a game based on three different films as well as a specific discussion of several influences leading to the development of this grand idea of a game.
Drawing on the concept of good and evil in a parallel universe from the film “The Dark Tower” and the elements of time travel from the film “Journeyman” can be combined with the concept of assassins from the film “Assassin’s Creed” in order to develop a brilliant concept for a game as described below. That is, a team of three distinctly endowed heroes with different abilities join forces to fight evil and save humanity from an impending doom. The year is 2000 and a lonely ‘The Last Gunslinger’ stands guard against the Dark Tower believed to be the only thing holding the universe in position. A secret dark and evil force coupled with corrupt and malicious politicians threatens to invade the tower for their own selfish gains. The fate of humanity is in the hands of a single man named ‘The Last Gunslinger’ who needs help (The Dark Tower). In the present world, Journeyman is able to travel back in time to help people in trouble and dire need of help (Journeyman). In a bid to provide the much-needed help to ‘The Last Gunslinger’, he must hire an assassin named Callum Lynch who has knowledge and skills about the secret dark evil society made up of politicians and religious cult to accompany him (Assassin’s Creed). With the fate of all human race hanging on a spider’s thread, Journeyman must travel with Callum back in time to help Gunslinger to protect the Dark Tower from the evil secret society. The ultimate battle involves a fight between a team of three good people against the evil society as they protect the tower but to do this, they must kill all evil men and save humanity.
The influences behind this grand idea rest in the numerous themes and concepts in the contemporary film and game industry championed by advancement in technology. For instance, most science fiction and fantasy films have embraced the concept of good versus evil in their plots. These films consist of two conflicting sides or parties whereby one side exhibits all the good characters often to be backed up by the audience and the other side is evil, which is always displayed bad and despicable traits. These two forces go head-on in a fight

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