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Time Management, Financial Planning, And Personal Development (Term Paper Sample)


Reflective Report you should reflective those two essay as that model essay
1. Reflect your academic learning achieved during the TIS course and your personal development
2. Write 1000 words which summarises how and what you have learnt about your research skills,
and which addresses the specific questions outlined in the template below.
3. You may write your reflection in ‘first person' narrative, and although you need not include any
academic content, if you do, please use Harvard style in-text citation and referencing.
4. Submit your reflective commentary on VLE for marking with the appropriate Banner header-sheet.
– Provide an appropriate subheading
Reflecting on the Thematic Independent Studies course – what have you done well and what
could you have done better? (maximum 250 words)
Attending Tutorials
Asking TIS Supervisor for Support
Add your own….
Reflecting on the course – what have you learnt about your research skills? Do not write about
on your topic, (maximum 250 words)
Use of UoG Online Databases – be specific
Use of Mind Maps and Research Logs – be specific

Add your own….


Reflective Report
Reflective Report
1.0 Introduction
Conducting a research to do an essay requires proper planning including time management and financial planning. A student needs to plan properly to balance the time required for doing other coursework activities and completing the essay assignments given by the instructor. The planning process requires allocating the needed sources of information to use for the assignment and wisely consulting other people including students and supervisors as well as friends. Therefore, this report will provide a reflection on how I completed my two essay assignments that I was previously given in class including what I did right and what I failed to do right.
2.0 Thematic Independent Studies
2.1 Attending Tutorials
I attended tutorial classes that were offered privately by the lecturer. The classes were effective in providing directions on how the task was to be done. The supervisor discussed the prose of the theme and gave a direction on how to complete the assignment. More so, the instructor created a mind map that was to be used by students in guiding them when doing the work. To add, the tutorial classes were designed considering the problems that the students had in understanding the course content (Savery, 2015, p9). The teachings were generated in relation to the groups needs, capabilities, and abilities. Hence, the classes helped me in understanding the requirements of the assignment
2.2 Asking TIS Supervisor for Support
Apart from the tutorial classes that were offered after classes, I contacted the course supervisor for support. I went to the instructor after identifying the areas that I had problems in so that the process takes a short time as possible to allocate the remaining time for other activities including going to the school's computer room for further research. The course lecturer explained to me the various concepts that I needed to include in the assignment and where to obtain the information. The role of the supervisor is to design the curriculum including the course objective. Therefore, by consulting, the instructor gave me an in depth understanding of the course requirement so that I do not cover things that are outside the course content.
2.3 Discussion Groups
We formed discussion groups after classes to solve problems that we had in our studies. The group comprised of various students with different knowledge on the subjects. The group was intended to solve any problem that was raised by its members. More so, I got an opportunity to access various resources for completing the assignment because I could borrow the materials from the group members then return later. Hence, the group discussions helped me in completing the two essays effectively.
2.4 Seeking Support from My Parents and Friends

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