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Marketing Strategies Used By Apple Inc. In The It Industry (Term Paper Sample)


Reflective Report you should reflective those two essay as that model essay
1. Reflect your academic learning achieved during the TIS course and your personal development
2. Write 1000 words which summarises how and what you have learnt about your research skills,
and which addresses the specific questions outlined in the template below.
3. You may write your reflection in ‘first person' narrative, and although you need not include any
academic content, if you do, please use Harvard style in-text citation and referencing.
4. Submit your reflective commentary on VLE for marking with the appropriate Banner header-sheet.
– Provide an appropriate subheading
Reflecting on the Thematic Independent Studies course – what have you done well and what
could you have done better? (maximum 250 words)
 Attending Tutorials
 Asking TIS Supervisor for Support
 Add your own….
Reflecting on the course – what have you learnt about your research skills? Do not write about
on your topic, (maximum 250 words)
 Use of UoG Online Databases – be specific
 Use of Mind Maps and Research Logs – be specific
 Add your own….


Reflective Report
Student's Name
Course Title
Reflective Report
1.0 Introduction
Essay 1 focuses on marketing strategies that are used by Apple Inc. to enhance its competitiveness in the IT industry. Since the company was founded, it has played an instrumental role in developing some of the most sophisticated technological products that have rivalled those produced by other organizations such as Nokia and Samsung (Suchanek, Richter & Kralova, 2014). Over the recent past, there has been increased competition in the technology market as companies continue to introduce products that satisfy the needs of customers. The second essay is an extension of the first essay since it examines the main reasons why Apple Inc. managed to gain prominence. The scholars argue that innovative digital devices played an instrumental role in enabling Apple Inc. to gain prominence since Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs established the organization in 1978(Razak & Zawawi, 2017, p. 48).
2.0 Unique Brands
It is agreeable that this essay has managed to address the main facts that have enabled Apple Inc. to stand out in the electronics industry, including, effective marketing strategies as well as continuous research and development (R&D) capabilities. To manufacture high tech products through organization structure, Apple has also considered rewarding innovativeness and promoting personal initiatives to encourage innovations in the technology sector (Kotler & Armstrong, 2010). It is evident that when a new product is presented in the market consumers look out for features that stand out from the rest of the given products.
3.0 Marketing Plan
From the above analysis, it is evident that customers tend to look for specific details of a phone before purchasing a particular electronic product such as a phone or a laptop (Shih-Chiao, Shui-Lien, Miao-Jin, 2017). Despite the intensive competitive pressures that it faces from other technological companies, Apple has utilized empirical marketing to upgrade its brand (Cision PR Newswire, 2013). Apart from the normal four P's of marketing, Apple has extended its marketing plan to ensure that it promotes its sales channels and enhance the competitiveness of the products it produces.
4.0 Marketing Strategies
From the above analysis, it can be described that the marketing strategies that are used by Apple have been instrumental in enhancing the success of the company. Apple phones are innovative and they have managed to gain prominence because of the development of new technologies (Schmitt, 2011). The marketing strategies that are used by the Apple take into consideration different themes such as the value of all stakeholders, profitable relationships with customers, human needs, marketing mix, and so on (Isoraite, 2009, p. 114). These marketing strategies have played a significant role in enhancing the competitiveness and enhancing the popularity of its technological devices.
Marketing strategies that are used by Apple have played an instrumental role in revolutionizing the Smartphone market. Studies have shown that organizations that put int

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