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International Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Term Paper Sample)


Black Friday online shopping problems(E-commerce logistics problems) you need write it。
How to manage warehouse, unqualified management of physical goods, logistics information is not on time, product damage, product quality and online information is not the same. Can refer to these aspects to write. This article is mainly written on the black Friday online shopping logistics problems.
Online shopping has become a fast-growing trend in the e-commerce world, more and more customer
prefer online shopping nowadays rather than in-store shopping.
You are asked to write a research report to analyse the LOGISTICS challenges of online shopping in the
perspectives of information flows, material (or product) flows and money flow, and make you
recommendations to business on how to tackle those challenges and improve their logistics
You could take any ONE scenario from below as your research context.
• Retail industry providing online shopping and home delivery
• Single's Day online shopping event in China
• Black Friday and Cyber Monday
You are expected to use as many reference (including academic journal paper, industry research
report, news, company annual report, etc.) as possible to support your research report.
A structure of your research report is suggested as below, but you could customize it to accommodate
your analysis.
1. Introduction
2. Logistics challenges of online shopping
3. Recommendations to manage logistics challenges
4. Conclusions


International Logistics and Supply Chain Management
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Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 1.0 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc507671867 \h 32.0 Information Flow PAGEREF _Toc507671868 \h 33.0 Material flow PAGEREF _Toc507671869 \h 44.0 Management of Warehouses PAGEREF _Toc507671870 \h 65.0 Unqualified Management of Physical Goods PAGEREF _Toc507671871 \h 86.0 Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc507671872 \h 96.1 Flow of Information PAGEREF _Toc507671873 \h 127.0 Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc507671874 \h 12Bibliography PAGEREF _Toc507671875 \h 14
International Logistics and Supply Chain Management
1.0 Introduction
Numerous challenges have been reported concerning Black Friday and Cyber Monday online shopping, with customers having to wait for many hours before orders are delivered and sometimes being told that the inventory has been depleted or they receive expired stock. Furthermore, shoppers are often exposed to stampedes when doing physical shopping, especially when they want to get the great offers at low prices that are offered during Black Friday (Goldman, 2016). In e-commerce, evidence suggests that the fabulous and low prices are some of the areas that are often exposed to numerous challenges, including the competitiveness of each transaction. This paper critically analyzes the logistical challenges associated with Black Friday online shopping. Some of the problems that will be analyzed include management of warehouses, untimely logistic information, unqualified management of physical goods, product quality, product damage, and irregular online information.
2.0 Information Flow
To meet the expectations of consumers during Black Friday (BF) and Cyber Monday (CM), online and physical operations should be made flexible, integrated, and seamless to enhance the efficiency of its operations. Studies have revealed that the modern day consumers demand higher visibility of the logistic operations, faster delivery times, notification and tracking of shipments, and better customization of product variety (Lopez, 2017). Nevertheless, evidence has revealed that customers are exposed to numerous problems, especially when it comes to online shopping, since e-commerce logistics are yet to be effectively managed. It is evident that the whole shopping season, which includes BF and CM, shines a spotlight on the complexities and challenges associated with e-commerce. Therefore, supply chain experts should be prepared and concentrate on improving the consumer experience by ensuring that the supply chain is optimized with standardized automation and processes.
The chief sales and marketing officer at DX Paul Doble says that retailers during the Christmas shopping season should be able to focus on accurate estimation of the volumes that will be needed during this period. Retailers should have the capacity of working with their logistics partners to ensure that there is accurate estimation. However, the greatest challenge that online shoppers face includes poor communication, inaccurate planning, and demand outstrips capacity, weather conditions that are unanticipated, and other problems that cause businesses to be unable to fulfill the promises they make to online customers (Procurious, 2014). He adds that several problems are commonly exacerbated after businesses attempt to maximize their e-commerce shopping platform. This also happens when retailers push back their BF deadline orders and thus radically raising the risks of having their deliveries delayed (, 2014). This also takes place during bad weather conditions as well as different factors that may lead to supply chain disruptions.
3.0 Material Flow
Retailers should be able to ask themselves how prepared are their delivery...

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