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What do you expect will be the character of the 21st century? War-prone. (Term Paper Sample)

i need a paper on What do you expect will be the character of the 21st century? I choose war-prone source..
CHARACTERISTICS OF THE 21ST CENTURY FROM A WAR-PRONE PERSPECTIVE Name: Instructor: Date: War prone is the tendency that there will be or the possibility of war to occur. In the 20th century, war was mostly instigated by the industrial revolution in Europe which started in France spreading all over the world. Countries were engaged in war to secure territories for raw materials for their industries. However, this has changed and in the 21st century there are several things which are likely to instigate war in the world. In this paper I will discuss some of these factors which are likely to be the driving force for war in the 21st century. To begin with, it is good to note that there is pressure towards the available resources as there is high population growth mostly in Africa and India. As a result of this, the available resources are not enough to be shared by all equally. Scarcity therefore is one of the key characters that would act as a catalyst to war in the 21st century. The following essential resources, water, oil and food are vital in the current world and its scarcity that calls for competition as every nation tries to secure the scarce resources for future use. Scarcity of the most essential resources will be the key driving force to war as nations compete to secu...
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