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Doraemon Manga's Influence to Contemporary Society (Term Paper Sample)


author and manga introduce, doraemon manga's influence to contemporary society, example of some events, such like 100 DORAEMON MALAYSIA and more, research,


For several decades now popular culture has found a common place in the lives of various people in the society. The level of influence of the pop culture has been quite immense such that it is hard to ascertain the true extent of the same. One of the aspects of popular culture that he society has grown accustomed to in the last few decades and one that has increasing grown in its influence is that o anime. Basically animes are Japanese productions series that are hand drawn and in the digital age draw using computer programs. Ideally the term refers to the word animations, but has been adapted to represents the animations coming from Japan. These animes exalt the Japanese culture to the world over. As such they have not only had influence within the Japanese society, but as the series have been widely adapted by other nations across the globe, the influence has been immense.
Doraemon (manga)
One such anime, which most of the younger and even older generation are familiar with is the Doraemon Manga. First published in the year 1969 by a team from Japan called the Fujiko Fujio, it has become of the household names and of great influence. This is an anime that focuses on every day life of a young boy called Sewashi a descendant of Nobita. According to the plot of the story, the young boy, Sewashi is constantly faced with misfortunes. His great grandfather Nobita, has also had a series of misfortunes where his family business collapsed and now all of his descendants including Sewashi are left with financial turmoil. As such, Sewashi acquires a rejected robot cat named Doraemon with the little money he could get and sends the super robot back in time to fix the financial problems of great grandfather, so the descendants which includes Sewashi to have a better future. This is anime is one of the most influential in Japan and the world over in the contemporary society.
Doraemon (manga) Influence
The iconic cat robot has become part of most of the people’s childhood, even though majority f these people did not grow up in Japan. As such for most people, the cat robot represents one of their favorite character and animation series of their childhood experiences. In Japan, where the cat robot was first developed and published, it has become an integral part of the society and the popular culture that it represents. It forms that basis of most Japanese children with reference to their culture and heritage. To further illustrate the influence that Fujiko has had with his creation of the robot cat, there is an entire museum that is dedicated to him in his creative works. The HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank"Fujiko F. Fujio Museum was built in Kawasaki and has had a huge influence o the popular culture around Japan. Visitors across the globe also come to the museum to indulge in one of the greatest creations and representation of the Japanese culture. Other than the museum, the establishment also serves the visitors with Doraemon themed eateries and beverages that are elaborate about the pop culture they represent. Visitors are also treated to the history of Manga and some of the exclusive film clips from the series that depict the Japanese culture and heritage. There is also an array of figurines that visitors can take home with them.
Over the years the series has gained massive popularity among the world cultures and as thus has changed in form and level of influence. While the series started of as a children’s program, that has since changed and the series is seen to cross over age gaps and genres over time. There are now different genres that almost any audience will follow, from young male adults, young females, much younger boys and g...
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