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Profect: Lutry Renewable (Term Paper Sample)

The project is about making a small municipality in Switzerland (called Lutry) independant from the city it buys electricity from (Lausanne). It should produce its own electricity, using only renewable forms of electricity. Informations are provided on the additonal files I submitted with the order. Many thanks and best regards source..

Profect Lutry Renewable
Profect: Lutry Renewable
1.0 Introduction
Lutry municipality can become independent from the city of Lausanne, where it buys electricity. This is through the development of alternative renewable energies. The municipality would be able to be independent in terms of energy generation through exploring the renewable energy options, by capitalizing on the sufficient natural resources that it has. Lutry municipality would sufficiently be able to supply its own energy to satisfy the energy demands by its population. This project will see t0o it that Lutry is able to produce its own renewable energies, by exploring the available energy generation opportunities that it has been presented with. In this light, the success of the municipality in generating sufficient energy for use by the people is dependent on the diversity of the energy options that it would explore (Wengenmayr, 2011).
In this regard, this project embarks on exploring the possibilities of exploiting the potential of Lutry municipality in the city of Lausanne. This project looks forward t see to it that the municipality is able to explore its own energy resources, and developing renewable energies that would satisfy its demand. The objective of this project is to make Lutry be independent from the city of Lausanne, by producing its own energy. The development of renewable energies in the municipality of Lausanne will make the municipality independent, in the sense that it will no longer dependent on Lausanne for energy.
Geography of Lutry
Lutry as at 2009 covered an estimated area of 8.45 square kilometers. Of this space, 43.4% has been employed for agricultural purposes; 20% is forested, and the rest of the land is used for settlements. Either rivers or lakes covers an estimated 0.6% of the land, while 0.1% is considered as an unproductive land. Of the area of settlements, buildings have covered 20.9%, with transportation infrastructure covering an estimated 11.4%. In addition, parks, and sports fields covers 2.4% of the settled land.
Lutry municipality as at the end of 2011 had an estimated population of 9,305. Most of the dwellers of the municipality are local residents. However, the municipality’s 23.5% of the population are resident foreign nationals. The demographics of the population have significantly changed from the year 1999-2009. The change in population in the municipality has changed at a rate of 14.4% due to different reasons, including migrations, as well as, births and deaths.
2.0 Introduction on the site: Lutry
Lutry municipality as mentioned in one of the municipalities of Lausanne city. This project has focused on this site, because of its great potential to develop its own renewable energies. In this light, the project will fix the renewable energy generation plants on various parts of the municipality depending on the resou...
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