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Midterm Assignment: Russias Invasion of the Ukraine (Term Paper Sample)


Special focus on the three mainstream theoretical perspectives: realism, liberalism and constructivism. Please pay particular attention to the definition of each and avoid pairing them with domestic perceptions of conservatives, liberals, etc. For this assignment you will choose a world event. (Russia's invasion of the Ukraine, Terrorist attacks in France, Russian hacking of US computers, The Korean War or The Cold War)
Explain which states are involved, if there are any non-state actors, international governmental organizations or non governmental organizations involved in the conflict. Also identify a few of the key individuals involved. Then lastly, and here's the tricky part, decide which theory would best explain the event and explain your choice. Be sure to define the theory


Mid Term Assignment
Mid-Term Assignment
Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine was a military intervention by Russia in Ukraine. In the year 2014, several military incursions were made by Russia into Ukrainian territories where by Russian soldiers took control of infrastructure, and strategic positions within Crimea (Miller, Vaux, Fitzpatrick, &Weiss, 2015). The invasion followed the fall of the Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych, and Euromaidan protests. Crimea was then conquered by Russia after a disputed referendum, in which the Crimeans voted to join the federation of Russia; subsequently, there were demonstrations by a group of pro- Russian in the area of Donbas area of Ukraine. The demonstrations turned into an armed conflict between the separatist forces of self- declared Lugansk People’s Republic, and the Ukrainian government. Accordingly, this paper explains the event of Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, and how realism as a theoretical perspective best explains this post-revolutionary event in Ukraine.
Approximately 8,000 people have been killed in the Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine conflict since April 2014, and 10,000 Russian troops have been deployed in eastern Ukraine for more than a year (Wiser, 2015). The conflict started when Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine was seized by unmarked Russian soldiers in March 2014, an invasion that followed the fall of a pro-Moscow leader. President Vladimir Putin at the time denied that the 10,000 troops deployed belonged to Russia. However, he later admitted that t he deployed the troops. After the conquering of Crimea, president Putin heightened the support of separatists in Eastern Ukraine that belonged to a majority of ethnic Russians. In the Russian military, the reserve officers who also had ties to the intelligent agency commanded the rebel forces to attack, and by June 2014, the Ukrainian military confirmed that more than 40,000 troops had been massed by Russia on Ukraine’s border, and the deployment of 7,000 to 10,000 soldiers inside Ukraine (Wiser, 2015).
The Ukrainian forces attained some victories early in the conflict but the abundance of Russian-supplied weapons helped the separatists to gain the upper hand in the conflict. The advanced weapons included the T-64, and T-72 battle tanks, MANPADS: shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles, and Strela-10, an armored vehicle with surface-to-air missiles and machine guns (Miller et al., 2015). The likely use of a long-range anti-aircraft missile by the separatists’ system shot down the infamous Malaysian airline flight MH17 in July 2014 that killed nearly 300 people. The increased use of anti-aircraft weapons by the rebel forces dissuaded the Ukrainian military from using its air power, hindering its forces. Satellite images and other evidence showed that the separatists did not seize the weapons from Ukrainian forces such as the T-72 tank, and not only had the Ukrainian military never used this tank in the conflict, but multiple versions of the tank spotted on the eastern Ukraine were never possessed by the Ukrainian military (Miller et al., 2015).
In September 2014, the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko was forced to negotiate a ceasefire (Miller et al., 2015). This was triggered by a sequence of de...
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