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Race And Ethnicity: Aspects Shaping The Society (Term Paper Sample)


Be sure to take a look at the rubric. There are five facets to the paper (at least 7ish pages) I'll be grading:
1. Sociological comprehension – I want to see the concept(s) you are looking at defined - yet not using the exact language in our text or what you can pull off the internet. Paraphrase instead of copy-and-paste! I just want to see that you've a good understanding of whatever is being explored. It might be appropriate to note why this was important/interesting to you but that should be apparent from your analysis.
2. Readings and Sources – Try to use solid and scholarly sources like you'll find via AUM's library. I will spend or have spent some time showing you the ‘Academic Search Premier' database from EBSCO as it's one I often use. ‘SocINDEX with Full Text' from EBSCO is another one AUM offers which might have potential. Additionally, Google Scholar is a good resource. I especially like its ‘cited by' feature once I find a really nice journal piece or book. Journal pieces ought to ideally be peer-reviewed. Books ought to be from reputable authors even if they don't have to be from credentialed sociologists or other lesser disciplines. If online articles or news pieces are being cited, watch out for sketchy funding or agenda-driven claims. It's quite OK to cite 'edgy' or alternative sources but you might want to at least situate them against more 'established' authority. In fact, a paper challenging conventional understandings might be exactly what you'll want to submit. I'm not going to give you a minimum number of citations required but five to ten might be a decent floor.
3. Analysis – Show me you're thinking about, reflecting on, wrestling with … the sociological concept(s) and sources you're sharing. Some personal reflection and/or connection to the “real world” is expected. A good analysis will probably work in quotes or paraphrasing from the sources you're citing. (If a direct quote, be sure to set that in quotation marks and give credit where credit is due. If you're paraphrasing a particular source then that also applies –absent the use of quotation marks.) Again, you may want to challenge or question what an alleged authority or journalist/source is suggesting. Ideally, you'll try to do that with another theory and/or reliable research rather than just an unsupported opinion or anecdotes.
4. Conclusion – Wrap your paper up with a good summary. You might want to suggest follow-up sources or potential research.
5. Grammar and Style – I'm OK with some slight stumbles but try to write relatively formal and clear. Although I often use contractions in my writing, they are rarely appropriate for more formal work. Here's where a proper citation system will be evaluated. Grammarly and Ginger are two free (yes, you can pay for the more robust versions) online resources to help with your writing which might be useful. I'm sure there are others. Of course, practice helps. There's also the AUM Learning Center to help you. Your student fees support this and you ought to take advantage of the resource if you need help. As to a citation format, APA is acceptable. Much APA info is online with Purdue's OWL being a reliable resource for student's in prior classes.


Race and Ethnicity
Race and Ethnicity
Race and ethnicity are two very dynamic aspects shaping the society today and that has been very instrumental in the current state of the world today in regards to interaction and integration of people at both their domestic and international levels. A sociological approach in elaborating the intricate details of race and ethnicity helps in the understanding of both concepts and their influences in structuring the society. It is without a doubt, that the concepts of race and ethnicity play a significant role in the formation of social constructs and ideologies that have either formed peaceful coexistence or disintegration and marginalization certain members of the community. The concepts form the basis upon which people form affiliations through which they identify themselves and depending on the influence the group has on the rest of the community becomes the dominant or subordinate group of the society. The social constructs created or influenced by the concepts of race and ethnicity are characterized by superiority or inferiority complex fueled by inherited prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination of individuals or groups of people over the others. Comprehensive understanding of the concepts can only be achieved through the lens of sociological theories seeking to provide in-depth analysis of both while also providing for elaborate framework upon which coexistence is achieved in a society divided on the premise of race and ethnicity.
It is common to hear in most conversations or dialogues in forums and platforms dealing with global matters addressing referring to the world as being a “village”. On more formal occasions it is referred to as the international community that consists of different nations with diverse characteristics that are unique to the individual state, republic, or country. At the global stage, representatives from each of the member states in the international community come together under one roof to address common challenges despite the social, political, and economic differences of their host nations. The coexistence of these nations in the global community is however marred with differences across the three aspects of any society. The noticeable differences amongst such congregations include skin color and languages spoken. Human beings have the tendency of developing or forming associations based on certain factors with which they identify themselves. A group of people sharing these common factors and in which they collectively believe and identify themselves forms a society or a community. People within the societal set up go on further to form social constructs that categorize individuals according to various aspects ranging from either the responsibilities held or financial status and wealth of an individual. Among the differences witnessed in the society, it is the concept of race and ethnicity that stands to be the most contentious and divisive issue demanding special attention from leaders and citizens around the world.
It is important to dissect the two concepts from a sociological standpoint so as to establish the basis for establishing and explaining the correlation between them and their subsequent influences in the society. Recently, the concept of race has become one of the most sensitive issues as it is determined by the skin color of a person or given groups. The two most known races in the world are the “whites” and the “blacks”, the former having lighter skin color tone with the latter having a darker skin tone. People identify themselves and form social groups based on these feature to differentiate themselves from those with different skin color. The biological difference of the color of the skin tends to form a significant s...

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