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Having A Public Conversation Or Government Officeholders (Term Paper Sample)


please follow instructions on DOC1 and use attach documents and outside sources as well. thank you


ESSAY: policy
Write about a policy issue (HEALTHCARE) repeal or replacing OBAMACARE about which government is in motion (i.e., about which there is either having a public conversation, or government officeholders are formally debating, etc.), and use that issue to illustrate how "public policy," "health policy," and "urban planning and development policy" are related. Please provide proof on how specifically the topic ties to each, Public Policy, Public health and Urban Planning
The topic and public policy
Addressing health care policy issues is contentious as there is no agreement on the best way to go about this even among legislators of the same party. With the adoption of Obamacare insurers were prohibited from charging higher premiums, and this could reduce health insurance disparities (Heintzman, et al., 2017). However, with the repeal and replacement bill, states could opt out of this option where those with pre-existing conditions would probably be charged higher as fewer would have insurance coverage. Health policy addresses the health care issues affecting Americans to ensure there is better affordable healthcare available to more people. Public health policy is the course of action that affects health organizations, institutions and funding arrangements of the healthcare systems and this impacts health care
The process of making public process is a political one that depends on power dynamics as those in power influence policy formulations. Increasingly, congress is highly partisan, meaning that legislators have tended to tow the party line when formulating policy and this may be stalling the public policy making process. the issue of whether issuers should charge higher premiums is a matter of public policy and if the legislators decide that it is not necessary, this will affect health care financing, and especially for preexisting conditions.
The topic and public health
Mental health disparities among different racial groups affect how mental health is addressed and what is prioritized (LaVeist, 2005). The impact of adopting Obamacare, the repealing and replacing affects health outcomes, since there are provision what is covered under the pre-existing conditions. This affects access to health services, indicating that this is a public health issue. mental health outcomes is an issue affects the well being of those affected and if there is no emphasis on screening this will affect the number of people seeking treatment. Funding goes a long way in supporting preventive measures as there are efforts to reduce complications and worsening health outcomes.
In debating the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, the issue of how to fund the proposed health ca

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