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Philosophy of Beauty Midterm Paper Social Sciences Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Philosophy of Beauty Midterm Paper, Bill Beckley Instructor spring 2020 Chose one of the below:
Question inspired by Arthur Danto's essay, "Beauty and Morality;"
What is the difference between objectification and attraction?
Does the way the artist/singer/ writer/producer/ of a work of art lead his or her life affect the experience the way you appreciate their work? Where do you draw the line and why?
Question inspired by Dave Hickey's, "Enter the Dragon:"
Markets like the stock market or the food market on Union Square, establish prices for objects we may desire. So do art auctions and art galleries. Beauty has something to do with desire. Sometime objects of art become so desirable they are eventually worth millions of dollars. Does that get in the way of seeing them? Of their meaning? Of loving them?
Questions inspired by “Sunday Afternoons with Louise."
What role does one's gender play in the making of art?
What is particular or peculiar about American art (art made in the United States.) Are you afraid of spiders?
Question inspired by Meyer Schapiro's On Perfection, Coherence, and Unity of Form and Content (for special extra credit)
What is "perfection in art and Architecture," or for that matter, in a relationship you might have. Oris the word "perfection,' simply a rhetorical device for something that actually doesn't exist?



Philosophy of Beauty Midterm Paper
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Philosophy of Beauty Midterm Paper
Gender plays a significant role in the making of art and developing creativity. Teachers, parents, and other relatives play a significant role in socialization process of children. Researchers have conducted numerous studies on gender as the foundation of creation of art. Gender aspects in art has remained one of the relevant issues in the ancient times and contemporary world. Therefore, gender is an effective medium of forming identities and reinforcing artistic features. Research findings indicate that art is a unique product, which results from political, religious, and social contexts. As a result, art has become the center of focus for all researchers and historians.
Notably, art is one of the most effective ways of communicating collective messages through the different works. The aspect became more relevant during the 20th century, especially in the second half of the century. Although men and women are creative in artistic creation, gender plays a significant influence in the creation of art. Research findings indicate that women need strength and support from their men peers to become more creative. On the contrary, men have to design from the qualities tied to their sex and develop features that are non-compliant to the schema of their gender roles for them to be creative.

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