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Philosophical Dialogue (Term Paper Sample)

Additional detail is included in the attachment. Please follow the instructions to full details. I will also need the answers to part 2 & 3 of the project as soon as possible.Thank you. NB: Don't for get to include the introduction and conclusion in the paper. source..

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(02, December, 2010)
Philosophical Dialogue
Part 3: Position development
According to my opinion I think that the goodness of a society can be judged by way its values contribute to the goodness of society as whole and that everybody’s individual values are put into consideration (Cahn, 2001).
Part 4: Dialogue composition
This paper will mainly be constituted of the dialogue that takes place between Davies and Kim who apparently have different position on how people should judge the goodness of a society. The dialogue will be basically philosophical and arguments will be presented by both characters and each will try to argue on his position and offer personal reasons for their taken positions and will include clarifications on the same if the speaker needs some on the topic. The dialogue will offer an insight details on the issues that will lead to clarifications and development of the positions of each speaker.
Finally the dialogue will offer a neutral position that the speakers have agreed to take based on their individual arguments. In the dialogue, the speaker Davies stands by the position that the goodness of the society should be judged based on their conduct as guided by a general feeling of goodwill towards all human beings whereas speaker Kim is of the position that the goodness of the society should judged on the way the society adheres to the set moral laws that every body is expected to live by (Rachels & Rachels, 2008).
A Dialogue between Davies and Kim on ‘How can we judge the goodness of a society?’
Kim: Good Morning! I am Kim and welcome to the session ‘what is your take on this’.
Davies: Thank you.
Kim: Eeeh! Before we start this session, I will give you a chance to introduce yourself to our listeners.
Davis: I am Davis and thank you for your invitation.
Kim: Pleasure for having you here Sir. And directly we are going to hit the road with the day’s topic. It’s titled: “How can we judge the goodness of a society?”. Personally, I am of the position that judgment of goodness of a society should be based on the understanding of the moral laws that form the code of conduct by which human beings regulates their manners ,characters and even proper behavior. What is your take on this Davis?
Davies: That is a very serous one, but apparently to me, I am of a different position that the goodness of a society should be judged upon the guidance from the people’s general feeling of good will towards all human beings. My reasons for taking the position of the general good will is that; I believe in the power of the common good and that every member of the society should act for the better of the entire society and that what the majority members of the society agrees on represents the goodwill of that society and should be accepted by all. According to Firestone & Palmquist, (2006) a full...
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