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Labeling (Term Paper Sample)

Below I have copy & pasted the strict format that is required. My teacher is a strict grader so that is why I am turning to you to write it. I would at least like to receive an A- for this assignment. Discuss the social issue that you have studied this trimester. Include a discussion of both objective and subjective theoretical explanations of this this issue. Please follow the APA style guide. Include a bibliography with your paper. Social Problems Term Paper Format Ramona Linville Higley, Sociology The following is the suggested format for the Social Problem Term Paper due at the end of the Semester. Remember to use APA style guide for in text references and bibliography. All of the information for this paper should be obtained from your completed assignments. This is the capstone project for this course and is worth 100 points. Please do a good job and remember that spelling, capitalization and grammar do matter. Good Luck and have fun. (Note: Term paper should be written as a third—not first—person account of research. Avoiding using the word “I” or “we”.) TITLE Give your paper a name. The Title should serve as a one line summary of your paper. By Line Identify yourself as the author of your paper. ABSTRACT Include a one paragraph summary of your paper. Succinctly state your thesis statement and findings in this paragraph. INTRODUCTION The introduction is a 3 or 4 paragraph presentation of the topic you are studying. Paragraphs should be as follows: Paragraph 1: Introduce/present a major claim concerning your social problem. Summarize grounds statements made by claimsmakers concerning the problem. This paragraph should be 5 to 6 sentences long. Each sentence should present a different grounds statement. In other words, this paragraph presents “why” this social issue is a “problem.” Be sure and reference each claim statement. Paragraph 2: Introduce/ present opposition to the claims presented in paragraph 1. Discuss and present opposing claims. This paragraph should also be 5 to 6 sentences long and should explore rebuttal arguments to the initial claims. You should also reference each of the opposing claims. Paragraph 3: Thesis paragraph. In this paragraph it is your job to explain the purpose of your paper. Most generally, the purpose of your paper is to explore the claims making process relative to the social problem that you are studying. So, review and combined the major ideas from paragraph 1 and paragraph 2 and directly state what the purpose of the paper is. Usually it will take 4-5 sentences to complete this paragraph. I would suggest that your thesis statement looks something like this: Given the confusion generated in the media and among the public concerning _____________ it is the purpose of this paper to explore the claimsmaking process relative to this issue. Furthermore, this paper will review claims relative to _____________; identify claimsmakers involved with the issue; and explore the role of the media in generating public concern. It will also discuss the policy making process and the effects of policies on those required to make the changes and those most directly effected by this process. Finally, this paper will review the social issue and the relative objective conditions surrounding _____________________. CLAIMS AND CLAIMSMAKERS In this section, summarize the claimsmaking activities relative to your social problem. Refer back to each claim noted in the introduction and expound your discussion of each. (Take each sentence in paragraph 1 and 2 and expand it into a paragraph. Include a discussion about the claimsmakers, their roles/positions in the claimsmaking process, and a history of the problem. This section should be between 5 and10 paragraphs long. MEDIA AND EXPERTS In this section summarize the role of the media and experts in constructing your social problem. Be specific. Use examples. Discuss how effective claimsmakers have been using the media and experts. This section should be 3 to 5 paragraphs long. PUBLIC REACTION AND POLICY MAKING In this section discuss the public reaction to the claims that have been made concerning your social problem. Discuss the formation of groups, political activity and any other reaction by the public. How did this public reaction affect policy making? Discuss the policies made relative to this social problem. Who are the main players/ activists in creating public policy? Discuss the differences between inside and outside claimsmaking relative to policy formation. SOCIAL PROBLEMS WORK AND POLICY OUTCOMES In this section discuss the effects of policies on individuals most closely associated with the social problem and the public in general. Include a summary of the two interviews that you conducted. How well are the policies working? How happy are the social problems workers and the others with the policies? What is the state of the social problem now? SUMMARY Finally, summarize your paper. Your summary should include three parts. First, discuss the claimsmaking process relative to your social problem. How effective is it in help us to understand the issues? Second, discuss the direction that your social problem is likely to take now. What can be expected in regards to this issue? Finally, summarize your class experience and your experience with studying this particular social problem. BIBLIOGRAPHY Include a bibliography of all your references. Follow the APA style format. source..

Title: Labeling
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This paper is originally mine and has not been presented by any other person in this institution or any other institution.
This paper generally discusses about labeling as a social problem and the controversies that surrounds it. The main objective is to find out the existing claims and claims making, the role of the media and experts in addressing the issue, public relations and policy making in relation to the theory and the policy outcomes in addressing the issue. Labeling has led to controversial debates among critics. Some view it as a tool to bring about social change in the society while others view it as a stigmatizing tool to various groups in the society. Labeling has triggered the development of policies that are friendly to the consumers such as policies addressing issues of product labeling country of origin so as to minimize misleading information from getting across the public and also creating of films and tapes labels to make consumers aware of the source of the material. Labeling has also enabled the change of ways in which health professional handle their clients by avoiding the use of terms that may affect their treatment.
Labeling theory is basically concerned with individual`s identity and behaviors that may be determined or influenced by the existing terms that are used to classify or describe them. Labeling has become a social issue due to various reasons. According to Hastak & Mazis, sometimes consumers of a particular product are always mislead due to a particular label on the products they do consume(2011, p.157). Dermer , points out that, the terminologies used to label and identify discrimination, oppression and sexual prejudice has led to negative impacts on the way lesbians and gay men are viewed by the society at large (2010,p.325). In addition to that, the use of negative labels to alcohol and other drug addicts has resulted to the existing professional tensions in addressing the problems of stigma alongside shame manifestations.
The use of psychiatric labels can be beneficial or be harmful to a community even though there have been controversial debates over the issue for a couple of decades (Wright 2007, p.2444). It has been argued that, labeling always sets up expectations of extraordinary behaviors that are always fulfilled by individuals and it has been proved useful for early detection of mental disorders (which often requires labeling) thus enabling an individual to get treatment before it becomes a burden.
Given the existing confusion generated among the public and media concerning the labeling theory, the purpose of these paper is therefore to bring the reason for the controversies that exists concerning the labeling theory and also check on the role of the media and the public concerning the issue and the policies that have ...
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