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Modern State: Legislature, Powers of the Citizens (Term Paper Sample)


The original logbook was a 1-2 page account of the group's thought process and justification for the choices made with regard to the state they were building. Your task would be to do the same but excluding the process notes which had to do with the progress of the group, i.e. describe and justify how your ideal state would look like; you are free to build on the discussion you had with the group during the first workshop or take a completely different direction. You would have to justify why you think the choice of system of government, institutions and various other components of your state are the best to ensure the 'success' of your state. This does not have to be an essay, but simply short justifications of your choices for each component of your state.


Modern State
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My ideal state is the one that is characterized by a direct democratic government, where citizens have a right to vote for the initiatives and the policies directly and determine what policies are implemented by the state government. The citizens can make laws directly, dismiss government officials who are unfit for the office and contribute towards the executive decisions. In a direct democracy state, all the citizens have an equal voice in matters in matters that directly or indirectly affects their lives. A direct democratic government enables the citizens to participate directly in the proposal process, development and generation of the laws to govern the country. It also enables the people to participate in the economic, social and cultural processes that create free and equal practices of political self-determination a state which is desirable for building a young nation. A direct democratic government chosen for developing the new state creates three arms of the government; executive, legislature and the judiciary. Each arm plays a vital role in the development of the entire nation.
The executive is the law enforcer. It enforces the laws that have been enacted by the citizens or the legislature. The executive exercises the administrative functions of the government through the cabinet ministers who shall head different sectors of the government. For instance, a cabinet minister in charge of the ministry of education would oversee all the administrative roles in the education sector, ensuring that all the functions in education are executed under the mandate of the ministry. The minister would appoint principle secretaries who shall represent him or her in sub-sectors of the ministry for efficient administration. The executive also plays a role in formulation and execution of the government and public policies. Each ministry that constitutes the government of the state shall be responsible for the formulation of policies and implementing those policies together with those that are proposed by the public. Implementation of policies by different ministries makes it easy for follow up and efficiency in managing the implementation process and tracking accountability.
The executive also represents the nation in foreign affairs and encouraging good relationships with business partners. Through the executive, the government can create a favourable environment in the foreign countries for conducting business through the signing of treaties with business partners which increases the income to the economy. The executive also prepares the financial documents such as the annual financial budget that guides the expenditure and revenue collection in the country. This would guide the country in self-reliance through the collection of self-revenue to be used in funding projects in the new state. The Executive shall also play a regulative function of the other departments. Through the constitution, the ministries shall be divided into departments under the cabinet minister. The cabi...
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