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Minority in social work (Term Paper Sample)

Why ther is a need for social workers with ethnic background such as Bengali, Pakistani and Indian in school settings or healthcare settings. How and why we need to encourage more students with these ethnic backgrounds to apply for graduate degree in social work? How is it going to be helpful? What are the barriers or social issues these groups of people are facing in accessing services? What can be done? source..

Minority in social work
Course Title
1. Introduction
Community problems including racism, hunger, child welfare, poverty among others are on the increase and most governments are calling on volunteers to help curb the situation as government resources are shrinking. Social workers step in to help address the problems with an advantage that their practice is rooted in a value system and a code of ethics (Alvarez, 2008). Social work is the practical discipline of aiding people to have stable psychosocial functioning and also influencing social changes to improve the well-being of individuals.
2. Discussion
2.1 Social work Values (The School and healthcare settings)
Social work upholds values as such as social justice, dignity, and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, service, integrity and competency. Such values are inherent or are learned by social workers in order to serve the people.
Individuals with an ethnic background that advocates for collectiveness and closer social ties have proven to be the most effective people in social work practise. Such groupings include societies like India, Benguela and Pakistan. These ethnic groups value social relationships and have closer ties as observed in their caste systems where group values are important than family values (Kumar & Sankaran, 2007). The extended family is the basic social institution mandated to socialise individuals into the world system. Learning is an important process and is done with much friendliness where children are corrected gently and not punished harshly. The duty of ensuring that people are disciplined is a communal obligation and all elders have a right to correct children and the youth. The Roles and responsibilities are communal and each member is compelled to ensure the wellbeing of the other in addition to satisfying group needs. Individuals have closer interpersonal relations and communication is informal both in the home place and work place. The societies value prestige, satisfaction, and the success of the society as a whole. They do not have so many legislations and are hospitable, for they warmly welcome people from all walks of life. These has helped such groups develop skill...
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