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Loyalty to Self or Family? (Term Paper Sample)


Loyalty to Self or Family?
You are a social worker at a family service agency and have seen to Rosa 3 times. She is experiencing conflicts with her parents and other relatives. She is having anxiety on the job as a packer. Her family are recent immigrants to the United States. All must work because everyone’s paycheck is needed to maintain marginal existence. Her supervisor who likes her, refer her to the agency for help. Mary says her family will not allow her to have a normal American social life. Her parents want an arranged marriage for her and do not allow her to date. She cannot leave home because she does not have the finances two support herself. Her knowledge of English at her other skills are not sufficient to qualify her for a better job. She vacillates between feeling pride at doing what is expected in her family’s culture and wanting to become more Americanized.
Scenario modified from Ethical Decisions as for Social Work Practice. Dolgoff, Loewenbert & Harrington (2009).
Assignment: Write a 1 -2 page double spaced paper discussing the scenario above and responding to the questions below. 
As human beings and social workers we declare our values publicly, including lifestyle and non- verbal communication. This starts as early as a client’s entry into our offices. Identify the non-verbal messages you give to community regarding your values and life style. Relate this to how identify how your lifestyle and nonverbal messages might inform Rosa of the values you hold. What problems might this creates for maintaining a professional relationship and supporting Rosa? Discuss what personal values would be most prominent for you as you work with Rosa.


Loyalty to Self or Family
The non verbal messages communicated to a person and community can affect how they relate or perceive the other person. As such, first impressions matter, and it is through active listening that one can show that are culturally sensitive to the needs of different people. This is especially when one is involved in a conversation, and I would make eye contact where possible to show that I understand that the culture is important to the lives of the people. In any case, the tone of voice shows whether a persons is apprehensive about meeting the members of a community, while gesticulation use to emphasize on different points of view sought to be used sparingly to avoid misinterpretation. In essence, the non verbal messages show that I value social justice, integrity, competence as well as the role of human relationships and dignity.
Every relationship is governed by values, and it is the client’s responsibility to state her values, but I ought to understand them for me to take the most appropriate action. In my life as a social worker I have realized that dealing with family members ought to be handled with care to avoid antagonizing family members. As such, non verbal communication showing that I care shows concern as well as highlights on service as an integral part of social justice. If Rosa feels that I truly understand her situation, then this is comforting to her given that she needs to be treated with digni...
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