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Leadership and Supervision in Social Work (Term Paper Sample)


The paper is a creative assignment and it will utilize your critical thinking as well. Imagine having the opportunity to apply a leadership method or supervisory model to an issue taking place in a real social service institution or organization. Position yourself in a leadership/ supervisory role in the institution. Choose a leadership method or supervisory model that you believe would be effective, in reality.
When you choose an issue to be addressed, you will briefly describe the social context, environment, and history of the issue. Is diversity (cultural differences, or gender, class, age, etc.) part of the issue? How? Identify the theories, models and styles of leadership that you discuss, referring to class readings (and outside readings, if desired).
Clearly describe how your leadership method, practices and goals will address the issue in the situation you have chosen. What are the ethical issues that underlie the situation you describe? You will demonstrate your understanding of the ethical and legal obligations of social work supervision in the scenario that you are discussing in this paper.
Discuss the challenges and tensions of the situation. What outcome do you hope for? What are the goals of your leadership method or supervisory model? Who will benefit and who may not benefit? In practice, how will you as the leader be accountable, and to whom will you be accountable? What (if anything) happens if you as the leader fail to be accountable?
Make a comparison. It is important to describe why your chosen method is preferable to one other leadership method or supervision model if it had been used in the same context or situation. Why is it preferable? Compare and contrast your preferred method or style with the other method. What are the benefits and drawbacks of each, in this particular situation?


Leadership & Social Work
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Leadership & Social Work
1. Introduction
Organisations today are highly dependent on the quality of leadership and supervision demonstrated by authorised personnel significantly. Supervision in social work plays a key role to increase efficacy in results and accomplish goals for society wellbeing subsequently. Without quality supervision, it is difficult for social work organisations to deliver benefits that are devised for optimising the outcomes of a society at a broader scale (Tsui, 2004).
Over the decades, organisations made efforts to integrate leadership in supervision. Approaches such as democratic leadership were used prominently to encourage the human-orientation in the decision-making and enhancement of results, accomplished through best practices simultaneously (Gastil, 1994). However, the changing dynamics, emerging challenges and constant evolvement of leadership roles have created contemporary variants of leadership that could supervise the social exchange in organisations more effectively. Today, leadership styles such as transformational, transaction, participatory, and situational are popularly followed by individuals that supervise the socially working organisations evidently.
Leadership in organisations serve as a backbone to inspire people at a broader scope. Unlike traditional supervisors, leaders are considered more responsive, participative, and agents of nurturing knowledge sharing culture in an organisation, which serve as the channels to sustainability in healthy results (Yukl, 2010). Through traditional supervision in the existing epoch, it is difficult for a social work corporation to deliver desired results while maintaining a balance between quality-orientation and human-orientation in approaches. Hence, leadership supervision in social work is more important for organisations rather monitoring activities from traditional perspectives.
The core objective of this paper is to investigate the importance of leadership for responding to the emerging challenges in social work. The paper would identify a few challenges that are widely present in the social work organisations before selecting, discussing, and comparing a suitable leadership approach. Finally, the paper would conclude by providing strategic recommendations for the social work future based on the overall investigation.
2. Discussion
2.1 Challenges and Tensions in Social Work Environment
2.1.1 Low morale. Low morale aspects in social work are a primary concern for the organisations while regulating functions at the national or international spectrums. Social workers are found more depressed and hold weaker prospects about the future career growth regardless of a constant emergence in problems. The major gap lies in the leading supervision, which strengthens the low morale among social workers significantly (Rauktis & Koeske, 1994). The absence of leadership fails in developing healthy prospects for social workers and raise sustainability issues subsequently.
Suitable leadership approaches would work as a response measure of the low morale among social workers. Historically, social work did not receive the desired glorification, which other career domains enjoy at a broader scale. The leadership in other domains are found stronger and progressive while social work remains a secondary or alternate consideration, which fails in generating adequate optimism from the workers (Rauktis & Koeske, 1994). In this context, it is important to integrate leadership while focusing on quality supervision significantly.
2.1.2 Cultural disparities. Similarly, the absence of cultural competence in social work is another chall...

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