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Experiencing Race, Class, and Gender in the US (Term Paper Sample)

It is clear that race/ethnicity and gender are strongly correlated to social class. There are multiple theories in sociology that explain class, ethnicity and gender. For your Portfolio project, you will use one theory to compare and contrast the experiences of two ethnic minorities in the United States in terms of race, gender, and social class. Choose one theory to use as a backbone for you paper, and choose two ethnic minorities. If you pick an American Indian group, be sure to identify the tribe and discuss its history. Include answers to the following questions in your paper: - How is gender treated in your chosen minority groups? - How do religious traditions work to construct social reality for these groups? - How do those in power aid or obstruct the assimilation process? - In what ways do racism and discrimination affect this minority's participation in mainstream American life? Be sure to include race, ethnicity, and gender inequalities in your analysis, as well as current attempts to eradicate these inequalities. Integrate social, historical, psychological, political, and economic perspectives in your analysis. Provide support for your arguments based on both the required and recommended readings for the course, and incorporate any relevant points culled from the discussion boards. Your well-written paper should also meet the following requirements: - 8-10 pages - Double-spaced- Use APA format to document your sources Your final paper will be graded based not only on content, but also on the quality of your writing, including syntax and grammar. It is highly recommended that you closely proof read your assignment prior to submission. source..
EXPERIENCING RACE CLASS AND GENDER IN THE US Name: Course: Professor Name: (February 28, 2012) Experiencing Race, Class, and Gender in the US Introduction From the beginning, race, gender and social class coupled with white supremacy has been the main force affecting radical practice and theory of many minority groups in America. The most important point is the idea that race and class being well comprehended within the advanced contexts of race, gender and social class. To begin with, the two ethnic minorities of my choice are the Black Americans and an American Indian group of the Cherokees (Sturm, 2002). The Cherokees This band of the American Indian group was once a powerful group in America. Before the arrival of the white man, this group occupied a large area in South Carolina, Alabama, Virginia and some other parts of America. By the time the revolution came to an end, this group had lost most of their territory. Around 1785, they only remained with very small land. The treaty of New Echota in 1835 allocated all the territory on the south of Mississippi to the Federal Government. The Federal Government broke all the treaties it had made with the Cherokees. The state of the people who remained within the state was difficult. Their link with the major tribe of Cherokee that had relocated to fields on the west of Mississippi was very severe. They began being administered by the state of North Carolina laws. Additionally, they lacked the citizenship rights. All the interests of this group had been interfered by the treaty. Also, self-governance rights also ended. However, the state of North Carolina offered them a charter which gave them the authority to exercise little self governance power. Their funds were held by the Federal Government until they removed the Indian Territory (Lusane, 1997). The Eastern Band of Cherokees had to purchase agents. Hence, they got the right to own land in North Carolina. On the basis of culture, the majority of the ancient culture remains. It consists mainly of material elements. The majority of this group speaks and comprehends English. On the contrary, their native language is studied in schools and homes. This group was forcefully removed from their land by the white explorers. They almost became extinct as a result of the tribulation by the white explorers. The scenario could be compared to a culture that was initially balance but which was then on the destruction threshold. The whites nearly eradicated them. On the basis of gender, the association between different categories of gender among the Cherokees including activities and powerful forces of civilization affected their social class. Both the church and the Federal Government had programs which promoted agriculture and husbandry among Cherokee men and domestic art among the women. Some men among the Cherokee got new power forms during the period. On the contrary, the power among women was very circumscribed. Hence, the shifts were related. There were little changes in the character of women compared to changes in the neighboring framework. Additionally, there was a shift on the basis of the market economy, the increasing significance of private property and the rising individualism value. This gave some men among the Cherokees new power sources. Among the Cherokees, there existed many trends which included power centralization, outlawing of polygamy and many others which made possible the passing of property including identity from fathers to kids. The changes contained vast negative effects upon the women’s traditional powers. Despite the alterations within the gender system, the narrative of women among the Cherokee is normally not described as cultural transformation. On the contrary, it is described as cultural persistence. Women among the Cherokee had the responsibility of organizational continuity in the villages wh...
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