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Personal Review of Ecological, Transactional, Systems, and Biopsychosocial-Cultural Theories (Term Paper Sample)


For this assignment, you will write a 6-7-page paper (excluding title and references pages). Your paper should be double-spaced and written in APA style and format. The paper will examine your personal development across your lifespan.
First, construct an ecomap that examines your personal ecological niche. Consider your cultural identity and various systems to which you currently belong. This ecomap must be submitted with your paper.
Then address the following elements within your paper:
Describe the ecological, systems, and cultural contexts in which you live expounding on strengths and resilience drawn from your culture (culture may be ethnicity, race, family, geographic, gender, etc). Apply appropriate theories that we have reviewed that help build an understanding of your social context and how that context has affected you.
Identify and analyze your development related to multiple identities (student, employee, spouse, parent, etc), important family members, and other relationships; discuss your strengths and struggles; and examine your current developmental stage (what are the current developmental tasks you are negotiating). Apply appropriate theories.
Review your early years, youth, adolescence, young adulthood. Examine any environmental influence that have shaped who you are. You may need to interview other family members, if available, to review your early development. If this information is not available, reflect on the potential impact.
Describe and analyze physical, cognitive, moral, social (family, intimates, and peers), emotional/affective, and spiritual domains applying appropriate theories.
Examine the multiple systems that surround you (as reflected in your ecomap). Identify your relationship with these systems.
Describe the social context within which you reside. What are the community norms, values, and systems that affect who you are (ie political systems, neighborhoods, family, school, etc).
Write a paragraph or two at the end of your paper reflecting on your own experience of applying developmental theories to your own life and situation. What have you learned from the analysis that will inform your future work in the profession?
Integrate a minimum of 6 peer reviewed journal articles into the paper.
The paper must be in correct APA style and be free of grammar and spelling errors.


Personal Review of Ecological, System, and Cultural Contexts
Personal Review of Ecological, System, and Cultural Contexts
The realization of basic social developmental landmarks and the primary life events that normally come alongside them have a big effect on the developing person and that person’s transactions with the environment. In most cases, family and peer-group mezzo systems largely play a big role in the growth of children, their development and behavior. In children, social interaction offers the basis for the personality that an individual acquires in their adulthood. It is impossible for children and their families to operate in a vacuum. The existing macro systems within the environment such as communities, government institutions, and groups, can offer important resources to aid families in dealing with issues and get solutions for challenges that are mostly experienced by children. Imposing macro systems within the social environment can either help or prevent family members from attaining their full potential (Zastrow, & Kirst-Ashman, 2007). This paper presents the ecological, systems, and cultural contexts that have impacted my growth.
Socialization and the Family Environment
Socialization is the process through which children attain knowledge regarding the language, values, manners, regulations, and all the small, intricate pieces of information that are necessary to get by and flourish in a certain society. Even though socialization is a lifelong process, most of it takes place in childhood. Children acquire knowledge on how to interact with other individuals in the society. They must learn which behaviors are acceptable and the ones that are not. Since children are born without knowing anything, the most important socialization happens in childhood (Bardi, & Schwartz, 2003).
Since the lives of children are initially based within their families, the family environment plays an important role in shaping their lives. Ideally, each family environment is unique since each one of them is composed of different individuals. The differences between families happen in different ways with some families living in great opulence while others live in abject poverty. This has a great impact on the way that children from those families are brought up and their adulthood is greatly affected. The family environment in the United States has changed considerably with 77% of children not living with their biological parents. The family environment today is therefore diverse and affects the general upbringing of a child (Arnett, 2010).
Personally, I did not grow up with both my biological parents. In the first two years of my life, my mother was in a verbally and physically abusive relationship with my biological father. My mother was so hardworking and tried everything to fend for her children. My father was however abusive and an alcoholic. Both my parents grew up with their biological parents and it was evident that those parents influenced their upbringing. My grandfather from my father’s side was abusive towards his wife and children and an alcoholic. It was therefore not surprising that my father turned out to be an alcoholic. At the age of 5 years, my mother remarried and we had to relocate to live with my new father. Growing up in these two homes had an effect on me even as an adult. Today, I tend to be emotional due to the emotional suffering that I experienced in the hands of my biological father but I am also resilient due to the resiliency that I adopted from my biological mother and stepfather.
According to Arnett (2010), the present nature of families has made it hard to define what a healthy family is. However, how well families function as well as how they communicate with each other can be used as a measure for a health...
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