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Canadian Multiculturalism Is Working Research Assignment (Term Paper Sample)


Canadian Multiculturalism Is Working


Canadian Multiculturalism is working
Canada is a country that is culturally multi-faceted. The people of Canada do cherish multiculturalism and they do consider as an integral part of the Canadian identity. As a matter of facts, in a poll that was conducted by Angus Reid poll, it was discovered that 66% of the Canadian people responded that multiculturalism was a source of Canadian pride. However, despite the fact Canada is made up of many cultures, one would be tempted to think or ask if there is one central or unifying culture for the Canadian people. Different anthropologists' points out that Canadian culture are every day experiences that people of Canada do experience in their day to day lives (Prato, 2016).
This paper essay examines whether multiculturalism is working in today's society in Canada this in relation to the poll that was conducted by the Angus Reid Poll and found out that 66% of Canadians are cherishes multiculturalism.
Canadian Multiculturalism is Working
In the year 1971, Canada was the first and only country in the entire world to adopt multiculturalism to be the official policy. By doing that, the government of Canada was able to re-affirm the dignity of citizens of Canada regardless of their ethnic origin or racial background, religious affiliation, and their language (Adams, 2008). Multiculturalism policy of 1971, also assert that the Aboriginals and the Status to be Canadian two official languages. Multiculturalism is quite fundamental for instilling the belief that all citizens are equal before the court of law. Multiculturalism has also ensured that Canadian citizens can keep their identities, can be proud of their ancestry and also have a sense of belonging. Since multiculturalism has worked in Canada, other countries have also concurred that multiculturalism can foster racial and ethnic harmony and also inter-cultural understanding. Multiculturalism has actually worked in Canada and it is working perfectly in this country. For instance, all Canadians have been guaranteed equal treatment before the court of law and also access to opportunities regardless of an individual's origin and race. The constitution also recognizes Canadian diversity by race, ethnic background, religion, political affiliation, and/ or ancestry has guaranteed all women and men total freedom of thought, belief, and conscience, expression of opinion, association and assembling peacefully. All of the rights and freedoms and the dignity of that are enjoyed by t

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