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Advantages and Disadvantages of teamwork (Term Paper Sample)

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Advantages and disadvantages of teamwork Name Course Lecturer Date Success of every institution is highly determined by how the staffs relate to each other while doing their day to day activities at the place of work. The query on why some teams succeed while other fail can only be answered by knowing the merits and demerits brought across by team work. This paper seeks to look at the advantages and disadvantages of a team work. The term teamwork has become well known around the business world, but the actual meaning of the word "teamwork`, diverges form one business to the other or even from one individual to the other. It has been noted that the difficulty in defining the term (teamwork) twigs from the fact that the team actually consists of several facets, making it have variety of definition. Though not everyplace that requires teamwork, research shows that the merits of teamwork outshine the demerits or working as individuals or not having a teamwork in the business. This term (teamwork) which can simply be defined as a workforce that involves cooperation among workers for the sake of achieving a certain goal that the intact team is working towards, and for the well-being of the company, but an effectual, well-functioning team is much more than this. (West, 2012). For any teamwork to become effective, contribution of workers fair share to the workload is a paramount issue which enables the company to achieve its goals in a timely and pleasing way. As mentioned before, teamwork definition has several varieties and this make it even difficult to distinguish between teamwork and cooperation between workers. In this case, team work is said to be more complicated than cooperation among workers while on the other hand, cooperation is more vital to teamwork, since it`s moderately competent to help teams achieve their goals. The enthusiasm to cooperate starts from the relationship that em...
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