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Theological Analysis Paper: Theme Definition and History (Term Paper Sample)


Please uses some simple vocabulary when writing
Essay requirement:Using both the skills developed and feedback offered for paper #1, develop a paper using the homily from of the chapters listed below. In your paper, you must be able to note the main theological theme of the homily.
Explanation of the theme, its definition, its history, etc.
Explanation of the homily, summarize, what is the author trying to say?
Discussion of how the theme is present within the homily.
Chapter 2: The Creation
Chapter 3: Evil and the Pandemic of Sin
Chapter 4: Christology
Chapter 15: Faith and the Holy Spirit


Theological Analysis
Christian Theology
The book Christian Theology by William J. Reese use homily edification for Christians to change their way of life and develop a strong faith in Jesus Christ. Thus, it reveals various episodes of Biblical exegesis, Sermons, Christian vocabularies, insights and Christian patristic in the Christianity doctrine in the society. The book emphasizes walking with Christ as a Christian after getting the summons and decisive rebuke that change ways of people who believe in Jesus Christ. The scope of the essay extends from the explanation of the theme, the definition, and history of the doctrine. The article then follows by elaboration of the doctrine, summary and the idea of the author. Lastly, the essay will discuss how the theme appears in the homily. All the three aspects will capture chapter on creation, evil and the pandemic sin, Christology as well as faith and Holy Spirit.
Theme Definition and History
William Reese explores the theme of Christian Faith in his book Christian Theology revealing the sense of scriptures for a person to allow the passage and sermons to open or illuminate ambiguous words, phrases, concepts and mysteries in the Bible and their application in the contemporary world. Christian faith is an experience in life with a new relationship with God when a person transforms into the dwelling power of Jesus Christ in the mind, heart, and soul. Thus such a person trusts in God (Reese et al., 2012). William Reese reveals that Christ

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