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Theological Analysis Paper #3: Christian Theology by William J. Reese (Term Paper Sample)


1Please use some simple vocabulary
2Based on the feedback from papers #2, develop an analysis of the homily from any chapter in the textbook (you MAY NOT re-use a previous homily). In your paper, you must identify, explain, and discuss 2-3 themes that are present in the homily.
1. Explanation of the theme, its definition, its history, etc.
2. Explanation of the homily, summarize, what is the author trying to say?
3. Discussion of how the theme is present within the homily.


Homily Analysis
Christian Theology by William J. Reese
Christian preachers have numerous ways of delivering speeches to the congregation of the current world. In most cases, the preachers use homily rebuke to the people to correct the evil ways. The Bible forms the basis of sermons in references to the daily activities. Besides, some preachers use insightful messages from the Holy book, exegesis and doctrines to help the current generation correct their iniquities. William J. Reese who wrote Christian Theology use themes such as Christian vocabularies, and Bible exegesis to train people on the different ways of walking in a Christian life. Furthermore, the author emphasizes the changes a person should do after getting a rebuke from the homily teachings. One aspect of that the author reveals is having and maintaining faith as a believer. Therefore, homily sermon gives the different ways of delivery the word of God to the congregation who then faithfully apply in their lives. It is by faith that Christians believe in Jesus Christ as their savior hence they accept the doctrine and rebuke in their personal lives. The present analysis identifies themes such as tradition and Christian practices, their meanings, history and their presentations in the sermon.
Historical Theme definition
William Reese explores the theme of Christian practices in his book Christian Theology. Christian traditions are life patterns of communal actions that give

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