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Answering the questions Religion & Theology Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Please answer the following questions with complete sentences. (3-5 sentences for each question) These questions require thinking. So make sure you read closely and write complete thoughts.
1. Why might it be a serious issue to speak of God as "He"? Explain
2. What are three things we know about Julian of Norwich and the times she lived in.
3. What are Julian's "Showings"? What major themes are expressed in her showings?
4. What is the meaning of "The Motherhood of God". What does her imagery of "God as Mother" express about who God is?
5. Chapter 58: What unusual change does Julian make to the traditional trinitarian formula of "father, son and holy ghost" in her writing? What does she mean to suggest by this change?
6. Chapter 60: What contrast does Julian make between the way a mother feeds her child and how Christ feeds his [her?] children? How does Mother Christ lead lead humanity to his/her breast? (i.e. through what opening in his body?)
7. Chapter 61: Why does God allow people to "fall" according to Julian?


Answering the Questions
Answering the Questions
Question 1
There is a group in England that proposes that God should also be referred to as She instead of only using Him as it is considered biased. The issue is serious because it raises several questions about the gender of God. Therefore, if God is only referred to as He, then women will feel that their gender is not considered important in the Holy Books.
Question 2

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