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Psychology paper. Impact of Pro-Life, Pro-Abortion Stance on Today's Society. (Term Paper Sample)


As you know, psychology reaches into many different fields of study. Often times, theories from one discipline lend to further collaboration with another. How is our current view of societal issues shaped by psychological theory? Is it even relevant in today’s society and what should we do about it by way of activism? Please choose one of the following topics below as a basis for your argument:
Impact of first amendment rights in the US and how they are impacted by social psychology and today’s view on civility.
Impact of pro-life, pro-abortion stance on today’s society.
Changing views on gender and sexuality (i.e., LGBTQ, Transgender) and effects on way of life.
You may elaborate further to clarify your specific question related to the topic. You must include at least 3 outside reputable sources (i.e., peer-reviewed journals) and interview one person of your choice as a further resource to incorporate into your argument. Once you have gathered your information, determine how it relates to the field of psychology, using your text as a reference. Your final write-up must be in APA format (check https://owl(dot)english(dot)purdue(dot)edu/ (Links to an external site.) for details) and at least 3 pages (references not included). Please upload your completed paper in the folder labeled


Impact of Pro-Life, Pro-Abortion Stance on Today's Society
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Impact of pro-life, pro-abortion stance on today's society
Several debates exist to rule out the most desired choice of pro-life, pro-abortion, and pro-choice. Pro-abortion champions the legalization of abortion while pro-life champions against abortion practices. On the other hand, pro-choice states that women have the power to choose either pro-life or pro-abortion. Social changes in our societies have been witnessed in our human interactions from our cultural setting to institutions. Human beings have the power to influence change but should be keen on which direction of change as it impacts on the world.
The rise of pro-abortion activists has led to detrimental effects due to the increase in abortion rates. Although the practice affects the mother and the terminated baby majorly, society is also distressed. The process changes the siblings, the father, and the relationship between the woman and the community at large (English, 2019). Abortion contributes to increased mental distress and suicidal thoughts. Many deaths have been reported since the onset of pro-life movements; about 20% occur sue to post-abortion grief and frustrations. Increased mortality rates due to abortion place the state at risk of a reduced population, which amounts to low human resources and, eventually, a drastic drop in the economy.

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