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Conceptualization in Practice: Trauma and Healing. (Term Paper Sample)


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In this award-winning film, a kidnapped mother (Brie Larson) and son (Jacob Tremblay) make a daring escape and experience a dramatic homecoming.
As a psychologist , I want to work with a kidnapped mother looking into her PTSD .
I have attached the PTSD guidelines .
The following assignment will based on a character (Ma: Joy , a kidnapped mother ) from a selected film, available for students to view during the quarter. Using conceptualization skills developed throughout the course, students will demonstrate their understanding of course objectives by articulating how their clinical decision making process informs and organizes their ability to practice. Conceptualizations will be submitted online, maximum 8 pages (APA style, not including cover and reference pages), and include the following:
• Summary of Client Narrative: Brief summary of the client’s narrative as based on the selected film and character (no more than 1 page, APA style); Client MA (Joy )
• Preliminary Diagnostic Opinions: Based on your summary, provide preliminary diagnostic opinions with supporting evidence of a DSM-5 or proposed DSM5 trauma diagnosis as presented throughout course readings, Async, and discussion. (No more than 1 page, APA style);
• Clinical decision making (Culture and Identity): Describe how your clinical decision making process allowed for such determinations as it relates to culture and identity (no more than 1 page, APA style);
• Clinical Decision Making (Systemic and Societal Considerations):Describe how your clinical decision making process, specific to this narrative and client, is reflective of both systemic and societal considerations (no more than 1 page, APA style);
• Recommendations: Preliminary recommendations for treatment (i.e. goals, interventions, theoretical orientations, prognosis, etc.) as it relates to culture and identity (no more than 1 page, APA style);
• Strengths and Limitations based on Values and Ethics: strengths and limitations of your clinical decision making process based upon congruency with social work ethics and your personal and professional values (no more than 1 page, APA style);
• Final Reflections: final reflections, to include any plans for continued growth/development or personal/professional accountability to effective and ethical practice.


Conceptualization in Practice: Trauma and Healing
Conceptualization in Practice: Trauma and Healing
Summary of Client Narrative
Room is a 2015 film that focuses on the life of a kidnapped mother and her son. The film's main protagonist, Joy, is played by Brie Larson. She is a woman who is held captive, and she is also living with her five-year-old son (Jacob Tremblay) while being forced to live in a small garden shade (Abrahamson, 2015). Her son refers to her as Ma. They spend all their time in the shed, and the women undergo many issues as she explains to her child that the shed is everything that exists. Jack's entire world is based on the things he can touch and see within the tiny shed, and with assistance from Ma and his imagination, he believes that he lives in a fairy-tale kingdom. Ma influences her son to think that inanimate objects in the surroundings, such as the television or sink, are his confidantes or cherished friends. Ma was kidnapped as a teenager, and she has been in the shed for over seven years. Her captor often sexually assaulted her.
Additionally, her captor also impregnated her, and she tries her best as a mother to protect her son's innocence while ensuring that he has everything he needs (VanDerWerff, 2015). For instance, she agrees to have sex with Old Nick, her captor, so that she can get supplies and groceries. During the sexual encounters with Old Nick, she ensures that Jack is hidden in a cupboard so that he does not see what goes on. Ma considers the room to be a shared universe with her son until his fifth birthday (Abrahamson, 2015). She decides to explain to him the reasons why they are living in the shed. It is difficult for her to convince Jack that a larger world exists beyond the shed, filled with a wide array of things that he has seen on TV. For Jack, anything that exists in reality as a magical object that comes from the TV.

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