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Philosophy of Leadership Management Term Paper Essay (Term Paper Sample)


I need the sources to be correct and I have to be able to find them in a US library like the one from my university. Also I need to make sure you are using APA format meaning ensure you follow the guidance of it and ensure that is up to part on it. Please read carefully the instructions and if you have questions please let me know asap.
includes your definition of
leadership, discusses three leadership theories that have influenced you, analyzes your
leadership style, examines followership, and reflects on insights gained. A well-constructed
paper will reference 6 or more scholarly sources including 5 journal articles such as those
assigned and retrieved from Brandman’s virtual library, and adhere to APA standards.
Leadership Definition
Provide your definition of leadership and what has influenced this definition. Your definition
must be original but supported by the work of others. Support your analysis with two (2) or more
scholarly sources including one (1) journal article.
Leadership Theories
Discuss three (3) major leadership theories that have most influenced your thinking on
leadership and leaders. In your leadership challenge paper, you discussed classical leadership
theories. In this paper, consider including the contemporary approaches of Authentic, Servant,
Adaptive and/or Transformational Leadership. Select at least two theories or models that you
haven’t already written about in week 5 for your final paper. Define and describe the
components of the selected theories using four (4) or more scholarly sources including three (3)
journal articles.
Leadership Style
Analyze your strengths and style(s) as a leader. Use three (3) or more assessments from the
Northouse text to assess your effectiveness in the leadership approaches as described in the
above section; and compare your qualities and characteristics to those of effective leaders.
Support your analysis with two (2) or more scholarly sources including one (1) journal article.
Discuss what effective followership is and why it is an important component of leadership. How
can you enhance your effectiveness as a follower and encourage it in others? Support your
analysis with one (1) or more scholarly sources.
Reflective Analysis
In two – three pages, reflect on three (3) key leadership lessons you have learned from this
course. What has influenced you the most and has been of the most value to you)? How has
your thinking and/or behavior changed to enhance your leadership practice? Describe two (2)
specific action you will take to enhance your leadership effectiveness


Philosophy of Leadership
Due Date
Philosophy of Leadership
Definition of leadership
Leadership refers to a set of traits, qualities that influence the ultimate behavior of an individual. Such behavior determines the nature of commitment, participation as well as development within different societal domains. The historical perspective of leadership theory provides different chapters on leadership which demands reconsideration from contemporary society.
Leadership theories
Path-goal Theory
This goal focuses on the motivation aspect of leadership towards followers in the quest to achieve greater results. This theory relates to the contingency approach as is a derivative of the expectancy theory of motivation. In this case, the leader holds the responsibility of providing followers with the appropriate information, support as well as necessary resources required for goal achievement (Farhan, 2018). The leader is required to clearly illuminate the path to the goal as well as explaining the success factors of the journey to followers. Path-goal theory emphasizes the existing relationship between the leader’s style of leadership, the characteristics of followers and the setting of the organizational environment. The leadership style should have the capability of best fulfilling the follower’s motivational needs. This is possible through selecting appropriate behaviors that best suits and fills the missing gaps within the work setting. It can be done through the provision of rewards or appropriate information to the followers. Some of the different styles applicable by the same leader in different situations may include; directive leadership, supportive leadership, participative leadership, and achievement-oriented leadership. The nature of style applicable by the leader solely depends on the complexity analysis of the situation at hand (Farhan, 2018).

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