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Management Distracted Driving Introduction Section Only (Term Paper Sample)


100 Points
This assignment is designed to have you write the introduction section of your final paper ahead of time. The introduction is generally the most difficult part of writing a paper, and so a head start on it will help you in getting things done in time. In addition, though, writing your introduction helps to get your thoughts in order for the rest of your proposal. The goal of the introduction section is to do a few things in particular:
1. Describe the problem and/or research question, including, but not limited to:
a. what the topic is
b. why it's important
c. who this would matter to
2. Describe what has already been studied in terms of this topic.
a. describe other studies
b. if there are competing theories/hypotheses out there, describe them in detail
c. if there is work in other areas that informs this research, include descriptions of it.
3. Describe how the existing work is insufficient and/or how the existing work could be extended.
a. This is the whole motivation for YOUR study, in particular
b. Maybe the existing work fails to control for certain things
c. Maybe the existing work doesn't cover a particular task
d. Whatever!
4. Describe your study (a brief summary)
a. In terms of theory, what is the goal of your study?
b. What is your hypothesis, in terms of the theory?
c. What's your basic procedure to assess this goal?
d. What results would confirm or disconfirm your hypothesis?
In general, a good introduction section for a research proposal should be somewhere in the neighborhood of 4-7 pages (double-spaced, 1 inch margins). That means 4-6 pages of text, not including your references, title page, and any other materials. So the main body of your paper should be about 1500-3000 words in length, though you may exceed that if you wish. You should look in your textbook for APA format and writing style (Appendix A), and if that doesn't give you enough to work with, get your hands on an APA publication manual. They probably have some at the library or just in local bookstores. I am expecting this paper to be in APA format, including citations (no plagiarism!), margins, font, etc. Part of your responsibility in this assignment is to find out what proper APA format is, because you never know when a supervisor is going to ask you to write something in a new format.
Each of the above numbered sections is to be worth 20 points. I will grade the APA formatting such that you'll lose a point for each violation, up to 20 points. I won't take more than 20 points for formatting problems, though.
Please create your assignment in Microsoft Word and save the file to your computer before you upload your assignment. Use the following format: L2 last name first name. (eg. L2 SmithLloyd) for your file name.
The attachment I have uploaded is the topic paper assignment of this term paper that I wrote before. There are some main ideas of the term in it.


Distracted Driving
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Distracted Driving
The actual topic is the culture of distracted driving under traffic and road safety rules and regulations. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) defines distracted driving as any form of driving activity that hampers drivers' level of concentration and heightens the risk of crashing. According to NHTSA, the three types of distractions can cause distracted driving are; visual distractions where drivers take their eyes off the road, manual distraction where drivers take their hands off the wheel and lastly cognitive distractions where drivers take their mind off what they are doing. Particularly distracted driving can be triggered by various forms of distractors, which include grooming while driving, eating, using music controls such as adjusting a CD player, a radio, reading and writing, drinking and smoking as well as talking to passengers. According to NHTSA 2016 road and safety report, at least 23 percent which translates to 1.3 million car accidents were a result of distracted driving, and the majority of the casualties were drivers between the age of 18 and 35. In the same report, 52 percent were victims of texting or calling and driving as approximately 93 % of American aged 18 and 20 own a cell phone.
Importance of the Topic
According to Centers Diseases Control and Prevention, the problem of distracted driving has caused up to 19,561 deaths in the U.S in the last four years. Based on the worrying statistics, road accidents are considered the serious threat to public health and safety. The concern to address the predicament has always been high because of the alarming NHTSA statistics that the number of fatalities is increasing annually despite the punitive measures implemented to curb the problem. However, there is a general reduction in traffic fatalities involving other causative agents of accidents due to the success of the policies adopted. Therefore, understanding the topic is relevant in raising the awareness of distracted driving to promote literature and research actions that could help in developing effective preventive measures. Additionally, addressing this subject is important in summarizing the known facts, information and extent of distracted driving, the potential risks and possible solution to curb the problem. The emphasis of the study is placed on the use of cell phones while driving in reflection to the available literature. Therefore, the insight of the study will provide a comprehensive report on the impact and possible preventive mechanism of distracted driving that aligns to road safety policies.
Concerned Stakeholders
The study would matter to all road, and safety stakeholders who include NHTSA, drivers, passenger, parents, Federal and State Police as well as the government. NHTSA has the biggest concern on distracted driving since it has a duty to enforce the existing traffic laws and order. NHTSA has been steering the initiatives to fight against distracted driving such as educating the American on the dangers and preventive measures and partnering with both federal and state police to enforce laws and policies to curb distracted driving and instill road safety. Also, the study would matter to drivers since they are the highest victims. All drivers play a crucial role in reducing cases of road carnage and the increasing fatalities. Particularly, the drivers have a duty to observe the stipulated laws such as avoiding the use of cell phone while driving. On parents, being aware of the dangers of distracted driving will be substantial in cautioning and guiding their young drivers about the responsible ways of avoiding the possible distractors. For example, parents can lead by example by educating their ...

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