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A Wreck And Survivors Of Plane Y123 Found On A Tropical Pacific Island (Term Paper Sample)


, , three books choose one to write to see more in the pdf below and the link: and


The Lord of the Flies
Title: A wreck and survivors of Plane Y123 found on a tropical pacific island
Type of Text: News Report
Aim: To Retell the Story of the Eventful Survival of the Boys On the Island
My objective of writing this news report is to show the sheer determination to survive amidst challenges the boys encountered after finding themselves stranded on a pacific island without adult supervision. The plot is centered on the boys' individual innate character and their frantic efforts to survive. Jack and Ralph characters portray the evil and the good of humanity alongside the respective rewards or consequences of each decision we make. The author contextualizes the eventful survival of each of the boys and how their decisions led to death of some of their colleagues. It is interesting to see how the author further highlighted several themes of man and nature, the nature of evil, civilization using a group of young boys. The news report is told from an adult perspective on the tragic events on the island highlighting the various themes featured in the novel. A news report is apt in highlighting these themes and retelling the story from an adults' perspective of the chilling encounters endured by the boys.
Breaking News: A wreck and survivors of Plane Y123 found on a tropical pacific island
The Mirror,
1st April 1954
After six months of intensive search of the remains of the ill-fated flight to Japan, a wreck and few survivors have been found stranded on a Pacific island. The plane which had left Britain for Japan was shot down over the Pacific and crashed into the island. A British nav

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