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Please identify the following people: Scott Rose, Reince Prelebus, Dr. Robert Reich, Dr. Michelle Alexander, Abraham Maslow (Term Paper Sample)


Please identify the following people for me: Scott Rose and his connection to voter restrictions in Wisconsin; who is Reince Prelebus; who is the Mayor of Seattle, WA. Who is the Mayor of Tacoma; Dr. Robert Reich; Dr. Michelle Alexander; Abraham Maslow. For each person.


Scott Rose is the sitting governor of Wisconsin. He shot into popularity as a result of the issue with voter ID registration. The issue was contentious due to its restrictive aspect. It took too long for someone to register and vote using the means while it was also impossible for voters to use any other identification documents to cast their ballots. It, therefore, restricts the voting rights of people. Rose, however, believes the passage of the ID law is important in helping prevent election fraud and also increase efficiency in voting.
Reince Priebus is quite a well-known figure, especially in the political and legal arena. Presently, he is the chairperson of the Republican National Committee, while also a practicing American attorney. Priebus has been one of the strongest critics of the Obama administration, citing especially the government's economic policies as detrimental to the nation's economic growth (Priebus, 2016). He has also played a significant role in the nomination processes for the Republican Party, including their presidential frontrunner, DonaldTrump. He is also a figure associated with the Freedom Farce.
Ed Murray is the mayor of Seattle, WA. He has held the position since 2014.Ed Murray is the first gay mayor to preside over one of the major American cities. He has increasingly grown in popularity due to his developmental policies, as well as his accommodative personality. His policies are strictly liberal, such as the minimum wage law, which he passed in his area of jurisdiction. His popularity has been a rather mixed one, coupled with issues to deal with gay rights, housing, marijuana legalization,and the minimum wage bill(Sims,2015).Among other things liberal, the mayor has also introduced Shariah housing for Muslims.
Marilyn Strickland is the current mayor for Tacoma, WA. She has been at the helm since the year 2010.She has focused on growth agenda based on the promotion of education and self-dependency. This is by the building of linkages with external investors, so as to increase the spirit of entrepreneurship by attracting further investment. She has held leadership positions at various places in both the public and private sectors. These include the Democratic Mayors Association. Her background in leadership has contributed somehow, to her rise.
Robert Reich combines various personalities and professions into one. He is a political analyst as well as an author. Reich is a professor of Public Policy at the University of California. He has also served as a cabinet member under the Bill Clinton administration, where he acted as the Secretary of Labor. He was very efficient in this position and is widely regarded as one of the most practical men to have ever served in any government.
Just like Reich, Michelle Alexander is a specialist in a number of fields. She is a legal counselor and a highly respected civil rights lawyer. Reich is also an advocate. With her wealth of knowledge, she has taught in various educational institutions, including Stanford Law School, while also being the chair of various civil rights clinics. She...
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