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The Influence Of Edgar Allen Poe's Works In Present (Term Paper Sample)


Write a 3 page paper on the relevance of said text and author. Why does his or her work still resonate today. What can be gained from learning about the text, his or her work or the time period?
Using the text as your main reference, interrogate the prompt.
And please use simple structure and sentences to write the paper. I will send two of my writing to you just show my writing style.


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The Influence sof Edgar Allen Poe's Works In Present
Reading the literary works of Edgar Allan Poe, I realize various changes in the literary style during his time period. As a writer, a poet, and editor, Poe was such a critical writer that did not only influence the modern American literature, but his work has gone further to influence international literature as well. Among his best works is writing detective fiction stories and horror stories that can convince readers to the extent of wanting to know what happened next even after reading the last page. His literary prowess is well expressed in ‘ The raven' and ‘ Fall of the house of usher' one come to understand why he remains to be among the most influential writers of the 18th, 19th and 20th century CITATION FIs11 \l 2057 (Harris). Poe has been internationally acclaimed for his poetic style and consistency like the ‘raven' a poem that set him apart from the other ordinary writers of his time. In fact, looking through the history of American literature, Poe is one of the first critics that focused primarily on the use of style. In this manner, it can be said that Poe is the architect of the modern stories, the way that literary work is organized and written seem to find a way of capturing the need of the readers and audience. In recital poems also, it is easy to realize the kind of prose that was used to Poe. Some of the famous writers that were influenced by the works of Poe include Stephen King, Frederick Forsyth, Clive Barker among many others.
This shows that Poe's impact in modern-day literature was very considerable in various aspects. For some critics, they report his reputation fluctuating from time to time during his life to his death, however, when reading his poetic works, critics will differ in terms of prose and the themes of his writings. Poe seems to be the kind of writer that would not only relate fantasy to the real world but would drive his readers to it to make them think they were living it in real life. In fact, Poe was the first international respected American literary critics himself and writer. Poe is also credited with the invent

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