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Answer 4 questions (Term Paper Sample)

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability and limit each of your responses to no more than two paragraphs. 1. You are walking by the office of one of your co-workers and you overheard that co-worker making a racially disparaging remark about someone else to another co-worker seated in her office. What response would you have to that situation? 2. Assuming that you are offered the position of CCO1 with the Auburn Field Unit, what goals and priorities would you set for yourself to help you quickly gain job proficiency? 3. The requirements of a CCO will place you in a position to deal with hostile (and sometimes violent) convicted criminals. What would your response be to the following threat made to you by an offender seated in your office: “I'll kill you and your family!”? 4. Why are you interested in becoming a Community Corrections Officer? source..

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It is everyone`s wish that going to work was a pleasant experience; however at one point or another one will predictably encounter a coworker who is boldly infuriating by the kind of careless and unguarded utterances that they make. One specific example of such utterances is remarks that are racially disparaging. If I found myself in a situation where one of my-worker is making such insensitive comments to another co-worker, I will elect to deal with this co-worker without bringing myself to their level. I will choose to make a respectful confrontation. There are people who make racially abusive comments subconsciously; others make tasteless jokes out of the same using some racial stereotypes.
Ignoring it would mean that I am silently condoning it. I will find time when I can be alone with this employee and make him/her aware that their remark was offensive and explain why. If they do not desist from that I will keep a journal that will capture the dates and times that the co-worker makes such disparaging comments including who else was there and use this to form a basis of presenting the case to my immediate supervisor. I strongly believe that everyone should be accorded a workplace that is free from discrimination and victimization and I will do my part to ensure that this happens.
If I was offered a position of CCO1 with Auburn Field Unit as a matter of priority I will make sure that I have the necessary skills that will enable me handle my job effectively. Basic math skills (counting, adding,...
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