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Develop Business Plan for Zhou’s Delicious Delights (Term Paper Sample)


Please find the attached requirements of your business plan startup for this course and follow them closely. It is paramount that you utilize your time and efforts wisely. Do not start this assignment the day before it is due.
Directions: Please choose a small business start-up idea. *It should be based on experience, knowledge and feasibility.                                       
Topic: Business Plan Startup: (name of your business here).
Subtopics: (Please make sure these subtopics are outlined in your paper via 6th edition in APA format)
• Executive Summary
• Company Description
• Business Location
• Business Requirements 
• Market Analysis
• Organization & Management
• Product or Service
• Competitive Advantage
• Marketing & Advertising
• Financing Request
• Financial Projections
• Appendix
• APA FORMAT, 6th Edition
• 300-350 words per page
• 4 to 8 pages in total, not including cover sheet, abstract, and reference page.
• A minimum of 4 accredited references from the Berkeley College Online Library Search Engine.


Business Plan for Zhou's Delicious Delights
Institution of Affiliation
Business Plan for Zhou's Delicious Delights
Executive summary
Zhou's Delicious Delights (ZDD), a transnational restaurant is a 30 seat restaurant owned by Zhou Ye; an aspiring and interesting lad ready to take the world of hospitality up by storm. Located in the middle of New York city, this outlet is positioned in a way that people from different nationalities and cultures can easily access it and readily feel at home. The fabric on the tables, engravings and paintings from all over the world and the ancient-like wall designs depict various cultures from different ethnicities globally including Italian, Chinese, Japanese among others. New York is a strategic location for people from all over the world, especially Italian and Far East migrants who will exclusively be our target market.
Our aim is to position the business into scaling stellar heights in the hoteling industry, offering non-peculiar, but rare services that will be attractive to customers, making them troop into our outlets and savor our distinguished delicacies running from Italian barbecue, French gourmet to Chinese cuisines.
Company ownership
The company will be fully owned by Zhou Ye, a culinary enthusiast who already has experience through his managerial role at a Thai restaurant in Chinatown. With his big heart, he conceived the idea `with the aim of making prospective customers happy. As the adage goes, the easiest way to get to a man's heart is through his stomach. Making people happy has always been the motive, watching two individuals catching up on issues from way back home, rolling the sushi, warm vegetable chomeinor yakitori up the chopsticks then swallowing it. The eyes brightening up as one licks their lips with elation, a sly smile emerging from the corner of their lips, what more should one wish for?
Company Description
ZDD, a one of a kind joint for intercontinental cultural delicacies, will go against the grain and demand attention from not just locally but internationally. Apart from the dingy Chinese food restaurants we are used to in the boulevards of New York, our restaurant will enter the industry head on, offering a variety of meals from over eighty vast recipes from all over the world. New Yorkers have a preference for unique and mouthwatering local foods, ZDD will be at their disposal, ready to offer our intricate delicacies through quick office and door to door deliveriesCITATION Placeholder1 \l 1033 (Fields, 2014).
Our stores will be focused on standards as freshly cooked local foods will be the order of the day. Authentic recipes and also most of the secret ingredients imported from various parts of the world to make it feel a second home to clients. Variety will be the order of the day, as the restaurants will be opened on a daily basis, from 9am to 10pm.
Our Vision
To be the among the top ten transnational restaurant brands in New York within a decade.
Our Mission Statement
To provide an environment where culture meets food, where individuals from all walks of life can reconnect with their culture and heritage through the culinary arts.
Core Values
To enhance employee welfare and participation to the success of this business, customer satisfaction and service efficiency will be the key objective.
Business Location
ZDD will prefer a strategic location in New York, ranging from 70 to 90 meter square and seat an approximate of 40 guests. This location will feature its own originality both in merchandising and building design. The positioning will be in strategic parts of town most frequented by tourists and teenagers, especial...

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