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Nature: Two Theories and the Meaning of Each Research (Term Paper Sample)


Hey, this has to be my opinion on which nature or nurture played a greater role in my development and I have to include two theories and the meaning of each and how I feel this theory helped shaped me. 
1. Is development continuous or discontinuous 
2. What is the impact of culture 
theses are the two I chose. 
Thank you


There are various development theories that integrate statements to describe and explain behaviors. Some of the theories focus on the development stages, and they provide a framework to understand how children develop. Even though, there are various explanations of whether development depends on nature or nurture, scientific verification of these explanations makes it easier to evaluate such claims. Peoples` choices can be influenced by their personality characteristics, which a may be determined by nature, but they also have the freedom to identify various alternatives indicating the influence of nurture.
The debate surrounding whether nature or nurture influences human development focused on the underlying factors that are either genetic or environmental. Nature is associated with the hereditary information and genetic predisposition that affect a person’s development, characteristics, and skills. On the other hand, nurture relates to the interplay of social and physical factors that influence the development and psychological experiences. The theories of development integrate elements of nature and nurture, but mostly emphasize one of the factors.
Jean Piaget’s Cognitive development theory can be applied to explain development, and the Piaget posited that children had a mental structure and they learn over time. The theory further highlights that there are qualitative differences for the discrete development stages, where people develop, where there are changes in behaviors, thoughts, concepts and ideas. The theory highlights that people develop the capacity to think and perform cognitive tasks across the lifespan. The theory is relevant to explaining development since there are changes from childhood. The interaction of the nature-nurture relationship is evident in cognitive development, and there are differences among people because of genes passed onto them, but also the environment that shapes their surroundings and beliefs.
The humanist theory holds that the people’s behavior is influenced by the environment, and hence it supports nurture over nature. Individuals also make choices and this theory contrasts with those that support nature and how genetics and the unconscious mind affect people`s decisi...
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