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Landlord-Tenant Law: Chapter 83 of the Florida Statutes (Term Paper Sample)


Please site: Chapter 83 of the Florida statutes
Larry Landlord has recently renovated an apartment and has put it on the market to be rented for $800.00 a month. Larry Landlord has been in business for approximately five (5) years and has had both positive and negative experiences with tenants. Larry Landlord is hoping to find a good, long-term tenant for his apartment. Roger Renter saw Larry


Landlord-Tenant Law
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Landlord-Tenant Law
The landlord-tenant law refers to the rules and regulations that are set to govern both commercial premises and rental residential as well as dictating the rights and responsibilities of both landlord and tenant in a tenancy agreement. Therefore, to understand and mediate in Larry's and Roger's case, it is essential to explore the legal rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords. The 2016 Florida Statutes. Chapter 83 distinctively presents the right and rights and responsibilities for both tenants and landlords.
To begin with, tenants have several rights that guide and protects in the tenancy agreement. Tenants enjoy the following rights; first, they have a right to rent a house without illegal discrimination by race and class by the landlord. Second, tenants have a right to receive a quiet enjoyment and use of the property (Miller 2015). Third, the tenancy agreement grants tenants to have their security deposit returned, and if any amount shall be withheld, the landlord has to offer a written explanation regarding the matter. Fourth, tenants have the right to reside in a habitable home (Miller 2015). A habitable home is defined as a home that is deemed feet and appropriate for human habitation on aspects of sanitation and safety. Relatedly, tenants have the right to ask for repairs in the house promptly. Lastly, tenants have a right to disclosure from the landlord about the safety of the property rented, the use of credit reports as well as background checks.
On the other hand, tenants are bestowed with responsibilities that they ought to adhere too. First, tenants have a duty to maintain the premises in good condition; free from damages (Miller 2015). Second, tenants have the responsibility to pay the rent on time as agreed in the agreement. Third, the tenants are obligated to report or disclose any incident both outside and inside the premises in time (Miller 2015). Lastly, tenants have a duty not to interfere or disturb the privacy and peace of the other tenants.
Also, Landlords have rights and obligations that are enshrined in the landlord and tenants Law. The right include; the right to withheld tenants security deposits in case of damages and violation of tenancy agreement (Dowden 2014). Also, landlords have a right to receive full and timely rent from the tenant as agreed in the lease. Another landlord's right to evict tenants under valid reasons as specified in the Landlords and Tenancy Law. Also, landlords have the right to set the rent, be updated of any repairs, reasonable reactive properties to carry out the repair (Dowden 2014). Lastly, landlords have a right receive additional charges associated with the premises such as electricity bills, water bill and sewage and garbage collection fee from the tenant.
Like tenants, also Landlords have reasonable duties and obligations that are set in the landlord and tenants law to avoid a possibility of confusion and disputes with tenants. Landlords have to understand and comply with their legal responsibility to enjoy a good relationship with the tenant (Dowden 2014). Therefore these responsibilities include; a duty to ensure the premises are in a habitable standards, duty to limit their access to the rented properties as way of honoring tenants' right to privacy, duty to follow the specific laws and procedures when terminating a tenancy agreement, a duty to disclose material information about the condition of the prop...
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