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COURTROOM REPORT/WATCH VIDEO/TERM PAPER. Same Sex Marriage Court Proceeding (Term Paper Sample)


Usually, one of the requirements of this course is that you visit a local courthouse to watch a trial.
Since this is physically impossible in the current circumstances, I had provided a link watch oral arguments presented to New York’s Court of Appeals (New York’s highest court). Now that is no longer available due to Judge DiFiore reformatting the Court of Appeals portal for revised Rules of Practice during the coronavirus concerns. Now, to address that problem, I am giving you to watch court proceeding:
Your paper must be typewritten, double-spaced and between three and five pages in length. You must use a 12-point font and use one-inch margins. Your grade will be based upon the quality of your submission, including effective presentation and analysis of the issues presented. All paper must be submitted via Word or text document attachment.
Your paper must include each of the following elements:
1. Description of the courtroom.
2. Statement of the facts of the case.
3. Statement of names of all parties, attorneys and judge.
4. If there was a jury present, describe the jury’s involvement and demeanor.
5. State the question(s) of law or issues presented.
6. State the decision, if any (if you were not present for the decision, note the decision you would have reached based upon the facts and evidence presented, as well as the reason(s) supporting your decision).
7. Note and explain the reasons for the Court’s decision.
8. Note and explain whether you agree or disagree with the Court’s decision.
9. Describe fully your experience, observations and your opinion of what you witnessed.


Same Sex Marriage Court Proceeding
Your Name:
Subject and Section:
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The court proceeding happened in the New York State Court of Appeals in Albany, New York. The arguments presented in New York’s highest court is regarding same-sex marriage. The lawyers representing same-sex marriage are Atty. Susan Sommer, Atty. Roberta Kaplan, Atty. Richard Stumbar, and Atty. Terence Kindlon. The jury for this court proceeding is Chief Judge Judith Kaye, along with Judge Victoria Graffeo, Judge Robert Smith, Judge George Smith, and Judge Carmen Ciparick. The purpose presented to the jury for the approval of same-sex marriage concerns the rights that are given to heterosexual couples when it comes to children, taxes, recognition as a family, and joint ownership over properties and belongings. They have also raised emphasis on the stability of the life and future of the children raised by homosexual parents due to the limitations placed on the parents by the law.

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