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It Project Management: Skills Of The Manager (Term Paper Sample)


1. Executive summary 10pt

2. Chapter 1 Outline the skills and qualifications required of your project manager. 5pt

3. Chapter 4 Create a Project Charter Table 3-6) using the template uploaded to Ublearns.10pt

4. Chapter 5 Discuss the process that will be used for requirements gathering. 5pt

5. Chapter 7 Choose an approach for the cost estimation process. And which estimation technique will be used (Section 7.4b).10pts


Project Management
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Project Management
Executive Summary
The continuing advancements in the technology sector has led to a number of innovations that have eased the manner in which issues are being handled in this digital era. Augmented Reality (AR) has become available, accessible and affordable hence their rapid incorporation into healthcare to enhance medical data usage and improve the quality of services being provided. AR has enabled the addition of artificial information to the senses to allow the user perform the tasks in an efficient manner. This has been achieved due to the usage of superimposed images, computer or video generated models.
With their great benefits to the healthcare systems, most institutions have integrated them into their operations, those that have benefited from the few implemented ones are adding more while those that have not are in the process. The NY healthcare institution had formally adopted these technologies into its operations especially in surgery stating that an overarching approach was required for solving and simplifying the processes due to the increased complex chronic diseases. The report of these technologies states that:
* Procedures have become more tolerable.
* There is better informed decisions in regard on how to perform the procedures.
* Surgery risks have reduced in great amount.
With regard to the institution's management, it has required AR to be implemented across all departments of the organization. Accordingly, AR will simplify the human life. It has the potential of playing a significant role in improving the healthcare system. From various reports, AR has filled a significant place in practitioner's routines and the lives of patients. As described in this Project Plan, the implementation of AR depends on NY members and related parties taking on the roles assigned to them. There is a clear consensus that the benefits of AR outweighs its overall costs, but the potential users need to understand what is expected of this technologies in their respective units.
Chapter One Qualifications and Skills of the Project Manager
In project management, technical training does not help in dealing with nuanced circumstances. A project manager is a change agent working with complex teams made up of individuals playing different roles. Therefore, in this project we will look for the following qualities in our project manager.
* Good communication skills. The project manager should be able to convey the vision, objectives, ideas, issues and produce reports and presentations.
* Good leadership skills. If a person is able to lead, he can deliver.
* Good team management skills. The individual should be able to administer and coordinate the project team by facilitating teamwork, delegating duties, resolving conflicts and evaluating the performance of the team.
* Good negotiation skills. The individual should have the capabilities of negotiating the utilization of resources, scope, schedules, budgets an

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