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Student's Depression Due To Variety Stress And Anxiety (Term Paper Sample)


General statement: Heavy study and society stress cause Student’s metal stress especially depression. Problem: Depression Solution: SSRIs-What is it-How does it work (refer to an area of chemistry) Evaluation: -side effects-How is it effective


Student's Depression Due To Variety Stress And Anxiety
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Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors or SSRIs are anti-depressant medicine that increases levels of chemical messages in the serotonin part of the brain CITATION OKo16 \l 1033 (Kohler, Petersen, & Gasse, 2016). Imbalances in serotonin are responsible for anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction, poor mood, and stress. The medicine helps to reduce or regulate these levels of serotonin. According to various studies, heavy studying, and society stress cause mental stress among students especially depression. This calls for an intervention that enables students to regulate causes and effects of stress on their mental function. Studies indicate that SSRIs can be effective in treating student depression. The following essay looks at the use of SSRIs, how it works, side effects and effectiveness. SSRIs are effective for treatment of chronic depression among students but may not be good for mild depression as this would eventually lead to abuse.
How it works
SSRIs focusses its results in increasing serotonin which is a chemical messenger. The brain nerves will communicate with each other as one nerve releases serotonin while the other one absorbs it. The serotonin will be shifted from one nerve to the other in an effort to lower the amount of serotonin available. The original nerve will then be s

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