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Senior Project Summary: Scope And Discussion (Term Paper Sample)


Write a Senior Project Summary paper on the selected topic from Week One. In your paper include the following:
Title Page
Anticipated title (this may change for the completed project)
Your name
Course name and number
Instructor's name
Date submitted
Introduction: Provide a description of your selected topic (i.e., health care trend) and a thesis statement. Identify the organization that you have chosen to address, including why the issue of your selected topic is important to the health care administrators in your organization, and to the health care industry in general. This should be about one-third of a page.
Scope of the Senior Project: This section should summarize the content topics and sub-topics related to the health care trend that will be addressed in the Senior Project.
Discussion: This section should be a constructive and analytical overview of what was found in the scholarly and professional literature. Make sure to discuss the pros/cons or strengths/weaknesses of the stakeholder group impacted (e.g., patient, provider, third-party payer, administrator, legislator, etc.) as applicable. In developing this section, it is important to demonstrate your understanding of the topic and the interventions and influences. This should be about one page.
Conclusion:  Provide a summary of the main effects of the contemporary health care trend on costs, quality, and access to services as it impacts various stakeholder groups.
Reference Page
The Senior Project Summary should be two- to- three pages (excluding title and reference pages) in APA format as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.


Senior Project Summary
Author Name
University Name
With staff shortage, sophisticated regulations and policies and high turnover, HR professionals or managers in the healthcare industry undoubtedly have an enormous undertaking. It's safe to say that healthcare has become a highly regulated industry of the United States; the hiring managers often get confused how to verify the qualifications and expertise of nurses and doctors. Sometimes they depend more on the quota or reference system than hiring the best, and this eventually impacts the healthcare organizations as well as patients. For human resource managers or professionals, it is mandatory to hire only the best doctors and nurses as the future and health of various patients depend on how well they perform within a hospital and what type of services they provide. From recruiting and on-boarding to time tracking, compliance needs, payrolls, and reporting, HR professionals need to pay attention to every aspect to maintain high standards within a hospital and ensure the provision of quality health services (Friedson & Marier, 2017).
Scope of the Senior Project
This senior project aims to highlight the challenges faced by HR managers of healthcare departments and hospitals, and the paper will revolve around staffing of doctors and nurses. All over the country, there are a large number of clinics that are run and operated by doctors and paramedical staff themselves. What about the hospitals where there are plenty of patients looking for immediate and timely help? It has been observed that doctors and nurses working in government hospitals do not pay as much attention to their patients' health as they pay on their private clients (Health Management Associates, 2009). As a result, the overall healthcare system is being impacted negatively. While hiring a doctor or nurse, the HR professional should not only check his/her educational and professional background but also abide them to fulfill their duties with honesty and sincerity. Those who fail to do so should be expelled or replaced as soon as possible, and those who are honest with their duty should be offered bonuses and allowance. The number of patients in hospitals has increased tremendously in recent years, and most of them don't receive immediate medical assistance either due to the shortage of doctors and nurses or because of their negligence toward their duty (Isaak & McCutcheon, 1997).
Healthcare organizations, especially hospitals, offer different salaries to their employees: RNs, physicians, medical assistants, laboratory technicians, nurses and others. In such circumstances, those who are being paid less opt for other earning options like running private clinics or working

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