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Benefits In Primary Care Practice In Reducing Health Care Costs (Term Paper Sample)


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Benefits in Primary Care Practice in Reducing Health Care Costs
Primary Care Practice ensures that patients access regular, continuity, and integration of basic level rather than specialized level medical services. Such care is provided by family physicians, internists, and pediatricians. Healthcare and spectrum of services in primary care level are beyond the traditional health care system. Such a wide range of curative and preventive care coordinated and received by patients over time ensures that health care costs are reduced (Enthoven, 2014). Primary care practice impacts can be felt under several attributes and components of health care practice. This paper analyses improvements in health care outcomes, reducing disparities and health care costs in primary care practice.
The first domain is the primary care practice is supply. Increasing the supply of primary care in different care settings improves the outcomes and reduces the cost of healthcare. The elderly and permanently disabled people are benefiting from increased primary care supply (Tilburt, et al., 2014). The Medicare population can get preventive and curative care at one place from a one provider. This capacity is facilitated by the presence of the policy of providing primary care practice in the US. However, this practice does not depend on the extensive use of the practitioners. Despite this, there is increased utilization of the services. For example, improving the number of family and general practitioners by 1 per 10,000 people in a state would improve the quality rank of the state by more than 10 places (Tilburt, et al., 2014). Studies show that states with more primary care supply have a better outcome and have a high quality rank. The states with more primary care supply have a lower cost per beneficiary.
Utilization of primary care practice National Medical Studies and medical reports have improved cost-saving and health outcomes across the United States. The priority has been improving the care provision in Diabetes and Asthma sectors. Utilizing studies and reports in this practice has helped reduce the cost in care access (American Diabetes Association, 2015). This leads to improvements in the enrollments in to the care centers by both adults and children. By using of studies and reports, infant mortality and post-neonatal mortality have declined in most states in the US. In summary, collateral cancer reports show a positive relationship between primary care practice utilization and collateral Cancer (COC) outcomes (Obermeyer et al., 2014). People who frequently visit primary care providers receive screening at low cost and prevent the possibility of developing the illness in future which could increase the cost for the Medicaid beneficiaries.
The architecture in primary care practice is very flexible/quite variable. It provides various opportunities to contain costs, improve public healthcare outcomes, and also reduce health disparities. Primary care practice has numerous features that are helpful in improving care provision. First, primary care provider

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