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Poverty in Canada. Health, Medicine, Nursing Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Term Paper ‐‐ 1.5 spacing, 2.54 cm margins, Times Roman Font 12. Organize your essay around the seven questions below.  Use primarily textbook material (about 85%) and relevant material from films, videos, and class material (15%). No outside material. Do not use any quotations. Use your own words with appropriate citation.   
A one‐line introduction and one‐line conclusion will suffice. Provide a cover sheet and use in‐ text citations and a reference list [use the chapter not the entire book reference] in APA style. 
Example: Raphael, D. (2011). Who is poor in Canada? In Raphael, D., Poverty in Canada. Toronto: Canadian Scholars’ Press. 
1. Who is are more likely to experience poverty in Canada?  What aspects of their income situation leads to their experiencing higher poverty rates? (15%) 2. What specific public policies in Canada make the distribution of income and access to resources such as housing and food so unequal as to lead to so many Canadians living in poverty? What is it about the Canadian liberal welfare state that sets the stage for such public policies? (15%) 3. What are the processes by which living in poverty get under the skin to affect health? What particular aspects of quality of life are affected by poverty? How does poverty cause these quality of life problems? (use Chapters 5, 6, 9 and 11, primarily) (20%)   7 4. How does Canada compare with other wealthy nations in poverty rates? What public policies do other nations have that if Canada had these, we would have rather less poverty? (primarily Chapter 12) How are these related to forms of the welfare state? (10%) 5. Describe some of Canada’s anti‐poverty programs.  What issues do they not address? (primarily Chapter 13) (10%) 6. What are some ways that governments can be persuaded and/or forced to reduce poverty? (primarily Chapter 12 and class material) (15%) 7. Why is reducing poverty in Canada so difficult? What are some reasons for hope? (whole book!) (15%)
Answer all 7 questions, Mainly using the content of the book, I will send all the courseware PPT in the attachment, for your convenience.
Textbook name: Poverty in Canada: Implications for Health and Quality of Life


Poverty in Canada
Institutional Affiliation:
Poverty in Canada
Poverty refers to the inability of certain individuals in a society to afford basic amenities viewed as customary due to their inability to participate in economic physical and social activities. Consequently, such individuals become excluded from society and forced to live under poor conditions.
Individuals likely to experience poverty in Canada
Firstly, recent immigrants to Canada may likely face poverty at a point in their life due to significant differences in their income as compared to locals. This indicates that the level of wages increases for citizens while that of immigrants has proportionally declined over the years (Raphael, Who is Poor in Canada? 2011, p.79). Despite their educational status, immigrants face low incomes, thus creating situations where they cannot earn the same wages as their counterparts at the same level of work. This is the same case for Aboriginal Canadians who also face lower wages and less exposure to full-time employment opportunities (Raphael, Who is Poor in Canada? 2011, p.77). With lower average incomes for this community, more individuals face poverty since they cannot improve their living standards to compete with others earning more.

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