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Obesity in Young Adults. Health, Medicine, Nursing Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Team Project, At least five scholarly references

Practicum Project: Practicum Project Report with Poster Overview In this course, you will be required to complete a Practicum Project. In this project, you will integrate evidence-based teaching and learning principles into the creation of a practical tool or tangible product (e.g., handout based on a specific concept, tool for professional development, career ladder path, simulation experience, teaching tools or toolbox that includes a pretest, intervention, post-test) for nurse educators that is applicable to future use. Your Practicum Project will include the following: • Practicum Project Report (Parts 1 and 2) with bibliography featuring resources on teach and learning that pertain to, or support, your Practicum Project • Practicum Project Poster (Part 3) You will find the Practicum Project Report with Poster Grading Rubric specific to this assignment in the Course Information area. Practicum Project Schedule The following is the proposed timeline for developing your project. This is a suggested timeline to help guide your work: Week Assign 
In consultation with your Practicum faculty member and preceptor, discuss the focus for your project, possible Practicum Project objectives, and activities appropriate for your Practicum Experience. (Your faculty member will schedule a day/time for a three-way phone call this week). Week 3 Part 1: Researching the Literature and Nurse Educator Competencies Once you have achieved consensus on your project topic, proceed as follows: • Review the scholarly literature and nurse educator competencies that validate and shed light on your Practicum Project focus. Which professional organizations would you consult (by viewing information on their websites or speaking with someone directly) in relation to your topic? • Identify the overarching goal for your Practicum Project. What do you expect to accomplish, and what is the focus area/population? • Based on your Practicum Project goal, develop two or three objectives that are specific, measurable, attainable, results-focused, and time-focused. Incorporate higher-order verbs (i.e., Application level and above) from Bloom’s taxonomy as you create the objectives. (You may wish to review the Week 1 Learning Resources related to developing objectives.) • Consider how you can achieve your Practicum Project goal through the development and fulfillment of objectives. •  Your Practicum Project goal and objectives are distinct from the Practicum professional development objectives you developed in Week 1.
Project Topic Practicum Topic for Project.Obesity in young adults between ages of 18 to 30 years on a psychiatric unit. I work on psychiatric unit with young adults ages between 18 to 30years and my concern is obesity. What is the cause and how can I (as a nurse educator) help the nurses on the unit in educating their patients? Hints. Goal is to identify the cause of the obesity, talk to the staff, identify leaning need and strategies, develop teaching plans as a nurse educator   for the staff to educate their patient and prevent obesity. This project is about researching the causes, solutions, developing strategies and teaching plans for the nurses on the unit to educate their patients and prevent obesity.Identify activities on the units.Discuss with staffs- a lot of psychiatric medication)  -Learning needs Different strategies, face to face, online, power points, demonstration demo-(hands on) Develop teaching   plan 
Assignment: • Introduce and explain the practical tool or tangible product (e.g., handout based on a specific concept, tool for professional development, career ladder path, simulation experience, teaching tools or toolbox that includes a pretest, intervention, post-test) that will be the focus of your project and that integrates evidence-based teaching and learning principles. This includes a brief rationale for your selected focus that incorporates references from the literature, specialization standards/competencies, regulatory standards, and/or other sources you have used to validate this project. • Goal statement with two-to-three measurable project objectives. A goal statement identifies what you expect to accomplish, the focus area, and the population. It introduces the project and conveys, in broad terms, how you plan to use the © 2020 Walden University Page 3 of 5 practical tool or tangible product. Project objectives delineate your strategy for reaching the goal and the steps you will follow to complete the project. You must include two or three measurable objectives that use Application-level or higher verbs from Bloom’s Taxonomy.  • Using evidence-based literature and professional standards/competencies, justify your project. Provide evidence-based support related to evidence-based teaching and learning principles. (Note: The literature should be directed toward justifying the project.) You must include a review of your specialization’s professional-practice standards and guidelines related to your project and a minimum of five (5) scholarly references for this section of the paper. 
Part 2: Designing Effective Methodology and Evaluation To prepare • Consider the models, theories, and concepts you have examined in your program of study, and think about how they relate to your project. How can this information be applied to the development of the methodology (how you will accomplish each of the project objectives) and evaluation (the criteria and evidence used to assess the project)? • Review information on methodology presented in the Learning Resources, and conduct additional research to facilitate your analysis for your project. Examine methods that are relevant to your Practicum Project. Devise your methodology in as much detail as possible to identify how you could meet each objective. • Review the information on evaluation in this week’s Learning Resources, and conduct additional research to facilitate your analysis for your project. How could you evaluate achievement of your Practicum project objectives using evaluation? Assignment: The design of the methodology and evaluation of your Practicum Project must include: • An explanation of your project’s methodology in detail. Further explain how this project addresses the project objectives. Include, as relevant, the who, when, where, and how of each objective. • An explanation of why this project will be valuable to use based on your project’s methodology, methods, and theories that are appropriate. © 2020 Walden University Page 4 of 5 • Include at least 3 different and appropriate activities aligned to your objectives that can be used for your practicum experience. Support your activities using evidencebased research. • A method (formative and/or summative) evaluation that will evaluate your Practicum Project. Details about how you plan to evaluate achievement of your Practicum Project objectives. What will the evaluation(s) measure and what information you can gain from that.  • Create a bibliography featuring resources on teaching and learning that pertain to, or support, your Practicum project. (Note: Your bibliography must be formatted in APA 7th edition.)
Part 3: Practicum Project Poster To prepare • Review the Poster Template found in the Learning Resources for this week and use this to complete your Poster for your Practicum Project. Assignment: Your Poster should include the following sections based on your information from Parts 1 and 2 of your Report: • Introduction • Aim/Goal © 2020 Walden University Page 5 of 5 • Method/Process • Results/Outcomes • Conclusion • Acknowledgements/ ion Board. References 
Practicum Project with Template attached. Practicum Project: Creating your Practicum Project PosterAs noted in your Practicum Project Overview, your project will include a project report related to your chosen project topic as well as a poster similar to what would be expected in a poster session. However, you will not present your poster directly to an audience. Your report and poster provide an overall design of your methodology and evaluation of your project topic.   Photo Credit: - stock.adobe.comFor this part of your Practicum Project, you will create your Practicum Project Poster which will address the key elements from your Practicum Project Report.To prepare:• Review the Practicum Project Overview document and consider the expectations for your Practicum Project Report and Poster.• Review the Poster Template found in the Learning Resources and use this to complete your Poster for your Practicum Project. Assignment: Your Poster should include the following sections:• Introduction• Aim/Goal• Method/Process• Results/Outcomes• Conclusion• Acknowledgements/References
Notes; This assignment Practicum Project plus Practicum Project Report with Poster
 Project five pages and poster two to three pages. At least five scholarly references 


Obesity in Young Adults
Due Date
Obesity in Young Adults
1 Practicum Project Report: Obesity in young adults
Obesity is a condition that is currently fast-growing among young adults. The increase in obesity cases is attributable to the aspect of poor lifestyle. Some of the causes of obesity may include but not limited to: over-eating, lack of physical exercise, and eating an imbalanced diet. In most instances, many people mistake obesity for being overweight. However, obesity refers to having too much fat in one’s body. Obesity is identified to be a contributor to many other health co-morbidities that include heart disease, diabetes, joint problems, and depression. Lack of education is one of the major contributors to the poor lifestyle choices that often lead to obesity (People, 2020). The target group in this study is young adults 18 to 30 years old.
The rates of obesity are higher amongst people with psychiatric conditions or illness as compared to the general population (Samele et al., 2006). This is attributable to the effects of antipsychotic as well as antidepressant medications, diet alongside a lack of adequate physical activities. Studies show that people with mental illness always fail to meet recommended levels of physical activity; therefore, they remain sedentary for longer hours daily.

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