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Healthcare Cost And Quality Analysis (Term Paper Sample)


Select one public agency and one private agency and differentiate their roles and major activities in addressing cost and quality in health care. See Topic 4 readings for sources regarding health care agencies.
Analyze current and projected initiatives to improve quality while simultaneously controlling costs. Describe any unintended consequences.
Synthesize implications for staff nurses and advanced practice nurses, including evidence-based practice, relative to cost and quality.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.


Healthcare Cost and Quality Analysis


Institutional Affiliation
Healthcare Cost and Quality Analysis

Health is an integral part of the life of every citizen living within the United States of America. There has been a great move on the best agencies to provide sufficient and effective healthcare facilities to American citizens, with special interests aligned with the cost of the medical aid given to the Americans. Importantly, the American healthcare sector is majorly controlled by private healthcare agencies (Zimlichman et al., 2013). Most citizens have insured most of their health services in the private agencies that offer medication, thus creating a strain between government agencies often referred to as public healthcare agencies. This paper entails a discussion on the impacts of healthcare costs in relation to quality analysis. A study of a private agency and public agency will be discussed to differentiate between the two aspects in terms of healthcare cost as well as the provision of quality effective medical care. Most importantly too, the study will focus on the different roles and major activities in tending to the determination of pricing or cost and quality in healthcare. The public agency identified for this study is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, while a selected private agency is the National Coalition on Health Care.

The agencies have teamed up to come up with cost-effective outcomes in the provision of medical services. An analysis of the most cost-effective plan begins with a concise prescription, determination of the cost of each possible way to produce it and finally, the making of choice on the lowest production cost realized, but sticking to the desired outcome (Bates, 2014) The process focuses on identifying the cost-effective methods that can help in the production of quality health care services. The cost-effective nursing practices reduce the need for medical practitioners to be paid more at the expense of developing quality and affordable clinical services for American citizens. In proposing the need for quality in the provision of health care, cost-effectiveness serves as the greatest measure in determining the pricing of a healthcare service. Zimlichman et al. (2013) maintain that the healthcare system and practices are essential but highly expensive in the United States of America. Interestingly, the public has no problem with the high costs of medical services offered in the US, since a reduction in the cost of healthcare services will directly translate into lowering o

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