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Health Information Exchange (HIE) Health, Medicine, Nursing Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Provide an outline for your final project topic/paper. This should prepare you for learning about your topic, understand your main points, finding your references, and organizing your thoughts. I am looking to see if you understand your topic and if you are capturing good key points about your topic.
Week 4: Milestone-Final Project-Outline of Paper: 25 pts
This is a project that is divided into parts.
Sub-topics are:
1.Patient’s attitudes towards HIE
2.Challenges and new strategies of HIE
3.Health Information Exchange among US hospitals
4.Recommendations to tackle the challenges
Just use our discretion in writing a good paper outline like the previous one you did which was excellent


Health Information Exchange
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Health Information Exchange
I. Introduction
Attention Getter: Many hospitals in the United States of America (USA) have implemented electronic health recording systems to facilitate health information exchange (HIE).
Credibility Statement: Although some people might be against HIE due to the privacy issues that might be involved, it enables pharmacists, physicians, and other health professionals to access and share patients’ information securely, which fosters patient safety and improve the quality of medical services (, 2020).
Thesis Statement: HIE facilitates fast information exchange among healthcare providers, which promotes high-quality medical services since it helps physicians to avoid medication errors, decrease duplicate testing, and improve disease diagnoses.
II. Body
1. Patient’s attitudes towards HIE.
The majority of patients are enthusiastic about HIE since they recognize its capacity to improving their safety and quality of healthcare services (Simon et al., 2009).
However, patients are concerned about the misuse of their medical profiles, which makes some of them have a negative attitude toward HIE.

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