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Nursing Theories: Dorothea Orem's Self-Care Theory (Term Paper Sample)


The assignment is on Dorothea Orem:
My portion is to write about Dorothea Orem to:
Indicate the category under which the theorist falls (can use McEwen & Wills classification or other source).
1. Category based on Scope
2. Classic human needs theory vs. interactive theory vs. unitary process theories
3. Parse, Newman, Fawcett
Incorporate assumptions underlying the theory (including how metaparadigm concepts are defined).
1. Assumptions
2. Metaparadigm concepts.
Assignment will be prepared according to APA Style 
An abstract is not required.
This is a group project and this is my portion. 
Thank you


Nursing Theories
Nursing Theories
Dorothea Orem theory of self-care falls under the category of grand theory. In terms of scope, the self-care theory is broad with general ideas that can be applied in at least all instances of nursing (Mateo & Foreman, 2013, p. 119). It broadly categorizes universal self-care provisions that are based on needs that all individuals have. The ideas of maturational according to self-care theory is where progress is made towards the higher levels and this is applicable in all areas of nursing. The self-care theory focuses on the events central to nursing such as the individual, health, nursing practice, and the environment.
The classic human needs theory recognizes the need for obtaining patient independence so encourage progress that can easily be achieved after hospitalization. The theory as argued by McEwen and Wills (2011), indicates that nurses should be able to recognize the needs of patients and help them meet those needs. The Self-care theory meets the perceptions of the classic needs theory by arguing that people should seek self-reliance and so have the ability to be responsible for their own care and the care of others within their family that require care. The interactive theory foresees a situation where individuals have the ability to adopt to the context and environment they are faced with, while viewing disease and wellness as a process of experience. The self-care theory is interactive in nature because Orem indicated that nursing is some form of action in which there is interaction between two or more individuals. The unitary process theory perceives nursing both as a science and an art. This means individuals are unitary in that they are self-evol...
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