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Bibliography on Effects of Assisted Suicides on Families (Term Paper Sample)


I want descriptive annotations and my topic is assisted suicide in different age groups and how it impacts on families. You need to find 3 articles and write the summary of each article. Please follow the rubric
Annotation and Bibliography
• Quality and currency of research including relevance to the topic identified is evident in the
literature selected.
• Selected source referenced accurately in APA format (including the database used to
locate the source).
• Well written, unique to the source, appropriate length (150 words)It should be in APA format, clearly state the purpose or question addressed in the article. A brief discussion of how the question is answered (what research methods were used? What
cases were examined? What is compared or contrasted? What theories are applied?).
• Clearly, states the findings or arguments made within the article.
• Effectiveness, and clarity of writing.
• Within allowable word count (150 words).


Annotated Bibliography: Effects of Assisted Suicides on Families
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Annotated Bibliography: Effects of Assisted Suicides on Families
Gamondi, C., Pott, M., & Payne, S. (2013). Families’ experiences with patients who died after
Assisted suicide: a retrospective interview study in southern Switzerland. Anals of Oncology 24, 1639-1644
The article authored by Garmondi and colleagues seeks to determine how family members react to situations where relatives die as a result of assisted suicide in southern Switzerland. In the research, oral interviews were conducted with the sampled families of the diseased. A sample consisted of five males and six females. According to the article, the interviews were tape recorded and fully transcribed. The deceased were grouped based on age, marital status, religion, the length of illness and the duration of palliative care. From the data obtained, it is notable that seven out of the eight deceased patients were over 55 years. Most of the family members argued that since the decision to terminate life was made by the deceased, they were not significantly affected by the death. Guided by their religious beliefs, the interviewees tried as much as possible not to directly get involved in the decision-making process, else they blame themselves for the cause of death. The research compares its findings with related studies, which indicates that the decision to undertake assisted suicide depends on personality traits that tend to change over a patient’s lifetime.
Pereira, J. (2011). Legalizing euthanasia or assisted suicide: the illusion of safeguards and controls. Current Oncology Vol. 18 No. 2, e38–e45.
The article by Pereira (2011), highlights the principles that guide the facilitation of assisted suicides by various countries. Euthanasia is a legal practice in Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium, and it enables an individual to be assisted to commit suicide in extreme medical conditions as long as the assistant has no personal motives towards benefiting from the death. However, despite the need for consent by the requesting patient, it has been noted that over five hundred peop...
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